View Full Version : [H - US AKAMA] <Kinetic> Recruiting! 10/14 uld

07-05-2009, 08:11 PM
About us: Kinetic is a progression raiding guild located on the Akama server. We are currently running 10 man Ulduar groups and are recruiting to begin 25 man guild runs. In 10 man we have cleared all bosses except Freya, Mimiron, General, and Yogg.

What we are looking for: We are a fairly casual raid guild, and we raid 3 nights a week, typically Tues / Thurs nights from 6pm server until 10pm server, and on Sundays from 5pm server until 9-10pm server. We are looking for raiders so we can get enough people to begin full-guild 25 man runs.

How to join: Visit our website at Kinetic of Akama (http://www.kineticakama.guildomatic.com) and apply to join, or whisper Samick, Laron, Holytaint, or Pikester in game for more info.