View Full Version : Attica-Garrosh(H)13/14 Recruiting for hardmodes

07-03-2009, 05:53 PM
<Attica>, formerly of the Medivh server, is currently located on Garrosh US-East. We are a progression raiding guild which manages to maintain both a casual atmosphere as well as a relaxed raiding schedule when compared with other raiding guilds of it's caliber.

We are a group of active and friendly members and raiders who simply love to raid and push for new content and achievements. <Attica> is 13/14 Heroic Ulduar and is currently concentrating on hard mode kills.

Our raid times are Monday-Thursday 8pm-12pm EST.

We are also 13/14 10 man, and need 2 more hard modes for Algalon. You can see our progress here: http://wow.guildprogress.com/US/Garrosh

Our current recruitment needs are:

1 Healer, any class but Holy Pally
Ret Paladin
Elemental or Resto Shaman

If you are not one of the above classes and specs, but you feel you are an excellent player and would be an asset to our guild, I encourage you to submit an application.

You may apply at Attica Guild &bull; Main Page (http://www.atticaguild.com/). If you would like further information, please contact Tysania, Deadshane, Belwas, Litha or Haelis in-game or drop a line on our forums.

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