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07-03-2009, 12:11 AM
1x Ret Pally
1x caster DPS

<Magically Malicious> is an established Alliance reroll guild that was formed on the Suramar (PvE) server on 10/18/2007. From day one, we have gathered talented and experienced players from a variety of realms and we have progressed rather quickly through 25mans.

While having a hardcore mentality and focusing on progression, our plan is to still provide a more casual raiding schedule--4 days per week at 7pm PST, ending no later than 11pm PST on Sun/Mon/Wed/Thur.

We are looking for a few more like-minded folks who would like to have fun and progress at the same time! We believe in keeping a smaller, tight-knit roster to keep the friendly/family atmosphere. This also means more loot per person and faster progression through raid zones, and ensures that a minimum number of people will have to sit out on any given day. We do understand that real life commitments happen and that they have to take precedence, but to help maintain this atmosphere, we ask that you be able to make at least 80% of our raids on a consistent basis. It is important to us to bring up our min DPS and that is why we are looking for a solid capable Ret Pally. Any other capable DPS please feel free to apply we are always looking for good players.

*If you are easily offended by crude humor, sexual remarks, criticism, or just have no sense of humor - this is not the place for you!

As added bonuses, the guild will take care of getting your raiding gear enchanted and provide food and very cheap flasks for your raiding needs.

If you are interested, feel free to stop by our site at Home : Magically Malicious - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://magicallymalicious.guildlaunch.com) to fill out an application, or log onto the Suramar realm and contact and officer so we can give you our vent info for a chat. We welcome you to listen in on a raid and/or hang out to ensure it is a good fit for both sides. We hope you're eager to join us as we make our way through Ulduar!

Callimar/Vallerius/Dunlag Tank Officer
Changito/Mooseknucle/Juciycouture GM
Kaylin/Lurielle Healing Officer
Khaghan Range Officer
Whalrus Melee Officer/Recruitment

Ulduar 25:
Flame Leviathan 3 Tower
Ignis the Furnace Speedkill (complete)
XT-002 Deconstructor 20% off Heartbreaker
The Assembly of Iron
Kologarn Disarmed
General Vezax

10 Man- Drake Achievements
Flame Leviathan 2 tower
Ignis Speed kill (complete)
XT-002 Hearbreaker (complete)
Iron Council I Choose You Steelbreaker (complete)
Kologarn Disarmed (complete)
Auriaya Crazy Cat Lady (complete)
Hodir Rare Cache (complete)
Thorim Sif'd/Loose Your Illusion (complete)
Freya Knock Knock Knock on Wood (complete)

07-06-2009, 01:15 AM
Updated requirements