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07-02-2009, 08:26 AM
I've been invited by my guild into Naxx 25 for a run this weekend. It will be my first time in Naxx. I'll probably be doing off tank duties, but may be asked to MT something too.
Based solely on my gear/stats, is there anything I can/should do to improve before going in? Any specific stat I should try to increase? A piece of gear that's easy to get I should try to obtain in the coming days?

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Silver+Hand&n=Rokbal)

Thanks, Rokbal

07-02-2009, 08:37 AM
You need a bit more stam. If I were you, I wouldn't gem for exp-hit until I had better EH. I'd probably get some stam enchants for your boots and bracers as well.

07-02-2009, 09:27 AM
The cause of your lack of stam that Molohk referes to is that you are trying to leapfrog Nax10 and going straight to Nax25, it's risky at best, and outright foolish in my opinion. You can skip nax10 if you have enough Heroic +Badge epics, but you don't, and as such, I'd STRONGLY advise against this.

Major items you are missing from Heroics
-Red Sword of Courage - H UP
-Essence of Gossamer - H AN 2nd boss (+111 stam and tiny shield on proc)
-Epic Belt from H AN Last boss
-Epic Tank Legs from H VH
-Shield Block Trinket, if you cant get H AN stam trinket
-Epic Gloves from Gun'drak (or failing that, theres a rep one with exalted Kirin Tor)
-Any number of rings, H DTK has an epic one
-A boatload of EoH badges to get T7 gear, tank necklace

Things you can do quickly, if you insist on doing this (not recommended)
-Tempered Titansteel Boots, 22 stam enchant
-BoE Bracers from Emblems of Valor - Sells for 800-1000g on my server. +40 stam enchant is the way to go.
-Try for an OS10 run, and pray your T7 gloves drop
-If getting new items drops your defense get 20 def to shield. I personally would take it regardless, 18 stam is budgeted for TBC level gear, and 20 def is a WOTLK enchant.
-Look into crafted 1h mace Titansteel Bonecrusher, probably will help out with threat, but you lose def, racial expertise and str. It's compensated with weapon DPS boost, stam and a smidgeon more weapon stat expertise.
Even if you hit up these quick fixes, you still will likely not be able to do hard bosses like saph and KT. Either you will die, or you will cap your DPS because you don't put out enough threat. Insist that the raid does Patchwerk first, and if you cannot survive Patchwerk, bow out.

07-02-2009, 10:08 AM
Thanks for the valuable input. I appreciate the warning as well, but apparently since it's on farm status for the guild, they've been taking under geared players in there every weekend and dealing with it in attempt to get more members geared up. I will, however, try to obtain some of the stuff you pointed out.

07-02-2009, 11:48 AM
Tanking is by far the least forgiving role in terms of gear. If your DPS stinks, an overgeared DPS can lend their DPS to compensate. To a lesser extent, if you carry a healer, another healer can supplement through HoTs or AoE heals. But a tank has to live and hold threat, and here's how it breaks down in a raid, assuming they are carrying you to gear you.
-If you fail to hold threat, the lesser of the two problems, you might still be OK, as another tank can pick up, plate/druids/rogues/hunters can temp tank until you taunt, High DPS can pop threat reduction abilities, or at worst the boss wil eat one or two DPS (usually your best ones) until you grab it, but its recoverable.
-If you can't survive, there are serious problems, as now you are dead AND have lost threat. DPS and tank buddy will be scrambling to compensate. A good healer can keep you alive long after you should have died, but at the end of the day, you need to have that HP cushion so that you can survive more than 2 rapid hits. If you are lucky, you may be able to get a combat rez from a quick druid, and people will set aside one GCD to rebuff you and get you back in the game.

Things to take with you on the raid
-For survival, Paladin, Priest and Feral Druid. The class buffs will provide the most HP (kings, fort and Gift/Mark of the wild). The paladin also bring judgment of light and a feral druid also likely bring Leader of the Pack for supplemental heals. The feral druid also brings Combat rez and unused innervate for your strained healers. Finally, a properly specced kitty is the most suited to take over if you falter (not the only option, mind you), by switching to bear form. They can rez, shift into bear and bash/growl until you are back on your feet and can taunt off them. Be warned, kitty gear is much different than bear gear, they will not last nearly as long as a geared bear. As a feral druid, I can last about a minute at the worst as a bear in kitty gear as compared to indefinately in bear gear, but I'm only in 200-219 gear.
-For threat, Rogues and to a lesser extent Hunters will help, through their Tricks of the Trade and Misdirect. I suggest Rogues over Hunters because their TotT includes a boost to damage in addtion to a redirect, and its a bit more sustained than the 3 attacks that hunters get. There's nothing like getting the threat off Fan of Knives in spider wing.

And for the rest of you who would clamor to say "What of Enh Shamans, warlocks, etc." yes, they will help our tank, but they will also help the rest of the raid equally, which if you factor in the scaling in gear, is not as helpful overall. Also, it is a 25 man raid, they will already be there, along with other utilties like Crowd Control etc. in some form or another amongst the 20 other spots available.

Are you the only tank ever to get carried through a raid to get geared? Heck no. The normal method is to go as DPS and collect tank gear. With enough gear you can limp through it, acquiring more gear until you are passable. For this weekend, I suggest your raid gets a guildie or PuG Bear tank, they can DPS easy fights, tank the hard fights that are beyond your gear, and would not be interested in any tank plate gear. I used the reverse strategy to gear my bear, going to rogue-less raids with plate tanks, and kittied up while waiting in the wings for the loot.

07-02-2009, 12:05 PM
- Watch the tankspot raid videos. While they will likely do fight briefings if they are bringing new people along, nothing is better than having actually seen the fight. Your guild may do things a bit differently than in the video, so pay attention.
- Have a decent dual spec handy. There are a number of fights in Naxx that can be 1 tank affairs. Being more useful is always good. Your raid leader may not care about this, so just check with him before you spend money on new gear, but he will at least appreciate your asking.
- If your healers are geared and your dps is geared, then threat will be a bigger problem for you than surviveability. If you're the one getting hit a naxx 25+ lvl healer can probably keep you from dying. If you and 4 dps are getting hit, they will have to work much harder. Rogues TotT and MD will both be your friend. Note, I'm not saying you shouldn't gem/enchant/food buff for every bit of stam you can get. Just keep in mind that a fully geared boomkin/warlock is going to pull a trash pack off you like a 5 year old openning a christmas present if you aren't focused. They are guildies and they know you are new so will likely go easy, but its your job to make there job as easy as your gear allows. I agree with Insahnity (death is no threat), but to some extent you've defined your surviveability by your gear. Now its up to your rotation.

- Also, don't be afraid to blow cooldowns, they are there to be used.