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The Sundering has been raiding on Cenaruis since the launch of vanillia WoW, Nov 24,2004. We were the first Alliance guild on the server to achieve Heroic Glory of the Raider and are looking for a few more to continue our success with.

Cenaruis is one of the top Progression PVE servers. It is an excellent server for raiders of all time zones with plenty of instancing opportunities available to its players. Because of the amount of people on this server there is almost 24 hours 10 man and heroic instancing.

As of 05/31/09 we have both 10/25 man versions of Yogg-Saron cleared. This upcoming week we are going to focus on clearing the needed hard-modes in order to unlock Algalon and continue with our push to have Ulduar completely cleared as soon as possible.

Who we are looking for

We are looking to make a small addition of 1-2 people to round out our raiding roster for Ulduar. Most of our members consist of dedicated individuals who do not miss raids very often, because of this we are looking to keep our raiding roster somewhere around 32 members. You should be at the top of your game with a full understanding of your class and ability to learn quickly and not make the same mistake twice. Being able to take criticism from officers in order to improve your game is a must, you will not be mocked/picked on but having the ability to realize you did something wrong is very important. Also people that are interested in trolling/starting drama on realm forums and other places please don?t waste our time by applying.

1 x Holy Priest/Disc 2nd spec
1 x Disc Priest/Shadow 2nd spec
1 x Mage

For the most part we are primarily interested in ranged and Disc Priest, but everyone is encouraged to throw up an application if you feel you are an exceptional player.
If you are fine with barely clearing instances and having no motivation to be the best on the server just because you are going to get your random piece of loot, then you are looking at the wrong guild. We understand that players often have outside commitments and that is the main reason we have decided to stick with a 32 man roster, as long as you are able to maintain a high % of raids attended and have the same like-minded attitude when it comes to progression then we might be the place for you.

WebSite: The-Sundering.com
RaidTimes: Sun-Wed 5.45pm PST Start time. with 10 man options thurs-sat
Progression: Heroic Glory of the Raider, Immortal, 13/14 Ulduar
Hard Modes: 4 Flame, XT, Hodir & Freya +1
Server:Cenaruis Mid/High Pop. PVE PST time zone
Focus: Ulduar

I look forward to speaking with all of you about this raiding opportunity. Please feel free to contact Genevri, Triněty, Lynarii, Petrol or Pogo. You can also email at Joann_JDAW@yahoo.com (Joann_JDAW@yahoo.com)

Good Luck and have a great day!

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