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07-02-2009, 03:31 AM
Are you looking for a new home? Maybe you'd fit in with <Addiction>!

We are currently looking for:
- Paladin (Holy)
- Druid (Balance)

Apply: Home : Addiction - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://addictionraiding.guildlaunch.com/)

About <Addiction>:
We are an end-game raiding guild on the US-Emerald Dream RP-PVP server. Our primary focus is to provide a serious raiding environment for people on a limited schedule. Our GM and raid leader are military veterans and several of our members are 30+ years old.

- We are currently 13/14 (1/9 HM) in Ulduar and are working on hard-modes. Our goals include completing Val'anyr and beating Algalon before Icecrown is live.

- We use the EPGP loot system.
- About EPGP: EPGP - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (http://www.wowwiki.com/EPGP)
- Our current EPGP standings: EPGPWeb Addiction on Emerald Dream (us) (http://epgpweb.appspot.com/guild/us/Emerald%20Dream/Addiction/)

Raiding Schedule:
- Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday, 7:30PM-11:30PM (CST). Raid invites go out at 7:00PM. We take a 15-minute break at 9:30PM. We always stop at 11:30PM.

Applicant Checklist:
- Able to make 10 out of 12 raid days a month.
- Majority of gear is item-level 213 or better.
- Can speak in Ventrilo without causing feedback.
- In control of your internet access. (You don't play from a cyber-cafe, your mom or roomate can't kick you offline.)
- Has a decent computer.

If your schedule fits ours and you pass the applicant checklist above, please don't hesitate to apply (even if your class isn't listed).

Apply online at Home : Addiction - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://addictionraiding.guildlaunch.com)!