View Full Version : Rage overhaul

06-30-2009, 06:34 PM
Idk if anyone has talked much about this but here i go...:D

Ways to fix Rage starvation

1. Make rage much like energy( I like to call it PMS Rage lol)

Make it to where initial attacks cost a chunk of rage (2x) But you start a battle with full rage. This would make initial target threat much easier and help with pve,as its hard for low lvl warriors to build rage.(Could be disabled for pvp...idc...I rock in pvp either way:D)

2.The First attack Buildup(A.k.a Fab)

Causes around 30(maybe 20) rage to be gained on first time stricken with an attack,With an extra 10 rage for a block, dodge, or parry on first hit. This would help with initial rage and help get initial aggro on multi-mobs.
Basically what im saying about this one is...When you enter a battle(With a taunt) It causes 20 Rage on the first time your struck by an enemy(+10 rage if you manage to dodge, block, or parry enemy's first strike.)

Any ideas? Qualms? Ty!!:D