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06-30-2009, 02:08 PM
Insomniacs is a late night raiding guild on Llane. We raid Sunday through Thursday 1AM to 5AM EST (10PM-2AM PST). We were formed in January, 2005 and have had some of the same members and officers since then.
WotLK Progression:

Tier 7 -
Server First clear of Naxx.
Server First clear of Malygos.
Server First clear of Sarth 25 +3.
Sarth 10 3D cleared.
Heroic Glory of the raider complete.

Tier 8 -
Cleared through Yogg-Saron.
Currently working on watcher hardmodes: Hodir down and next up is Thorim

Why we're recruiting:
We're recruiting right now for several reasons, the most important of which is that the normal summer attrition from raiding has hit us a little harder than we'd like this year and we need to make sure that we have a roster that's large enough to continue to clear content.

What we're recruiting:
1 x DK/Druid - This would be a primarily tank role (80% tanking), but anyone who applies is expected to be able to DPS (well) as needed.
2 x Melee DPS -Ideally we're looking for 1 DPS warrior and 1 Feral Druid (in addition to the above).

If you are exceptional at any other class we'd be interested in hearing from you too. Please be ready to provide a screenshot of your UI and a combat log parse (WMO, WoL preferred) with your application - those will be the first things we look for.

Enough chitchat, here's the link to the recruitment forum: Membership Applications - Insomniacs (http://www.insomniacsguild.net/forumdisplay.php?f=16)

Note: We have a very generous off-set DKP system. As such, we are especially interested in players who can change roles in a raid easily and flawlessly. We are looking for people who are competent in their entire class not just one spec.

General Info:
We're looking for people who are enthusiastic, are excellent at their class, and bring a positive influence to the guild. We expect a high level of play from each and everyone of our raiders. In return each member can expect a friendly and positive guild atmosphere, a strong officer core focused on progression, and little to no drama.

The application process
After posting your application, expect to see a response from someone in the guild within 24 hours. They may be an officer, and they may not - the entire guild takes part in the recruitment of a new member. Any questions about your gear choices and experience will be worked out here.

After the forum component, we'll invite the applicant to join us on our Ventrilo server. Typically we do this during a raid, to allow as many members as possible to be present for the interview. Our objective here is to try to find out where the applicant fits into the group that makes up our guild. In every group, there's loud and vocal people, and quiet and thoughtful as well. We want to figure out what makes you tick.

This interview typically lasts 30 minutes, but can run up to 1 hour. However, since you're looking to raid until 5AM anyways, it's not an issue, right?

Once in the guild, new applicants go through an initiation process which normally lasts about 2 weeks. It can, however, stretch on if there's specific things we'd like to see the applicant work on. Hopefully at this point, your personality has already been figured out and we can be confident we won't have that type of conflict once you're in the guild.

Please visit out website Home (http://www.insomniacsguild.net) and post an application.

Good Luck and happy raiding!