View Full Version : [H]- Celtic Wrath (Dath'remar) recruiting 2nd team

06-30-2009, 04:59 AM
Celtic Wrath is a mature and friendly guild currently putting together a second 10 man raid group to compliment our current 10 man Ulduar group. We are a guild committed to raiding and progressing through end game raid content and teamwork. We believe in a WoW-RL balance. Raid times are still being decided upon for group 2, Group 1 raids Mon, Wed and Thurs 9pm-Midnight (Server time)

We expect members interested in raiding to know their class, be able to research gear/chants/builds/rotations themselves, and above all be flexible in a raid. We make use of dual spec in order to make our 10 man groups able to deal with any and all situations effectively

Our Ultimate goal is to combine the 10 man groups and (with the help of regular friends of Celtic Wrath) form a 25 man group able to progress into Ulduar.

The 2nd 10 man group will start in 10 man Naxx and build teamwork over the course of a month (or until you smash it) and will quickly progress to Ulduar within a month

We have a fair loot system, offer guild enchants, gemming and item upgrading (ie Buckles etc) free to the raid groups as well as covering all repair costs while raiding.

We are currently looking for
Tank/DPS Hybrid (Dual spec) for OT/dps
Resto Shaman (Full time healer, part time dps)
Any Ranged DPS (Prefer Warlock but all except hunters welcome)

All interest is welcome regardless of class/spec. Please feel free to contact myself (Ghengiskahnt) in game or mail me any questions you might have

07-12-2009, 10:12 AM