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06-29-2009, 05:09 PM
<Ascension> on the Azuremyst server currently has core raid spots available for our 25m Ulduar group. <Ascension> is a hardcore PvE guild dedicated to clearing the most difficult content at any given time. If that is something you're looking for then we may be the guild for you!

<Ascension> was formed just over 3 months ago with the goal of becoming a top progression guild on the Azuremyst server. In that time we managed to gather, learn, and clear all pre-Ulduar content save 3D Sarth. Since the release of Ulduar we've cleared 12/14 bosses in 10m before setting our focus on 25m. We've now cleared 11/14 bosses in 25m after 2 weeks and are poised to continue moving forward quickly.

Being a progression guild we're not out to baby your feelings. At times our Officers will be critics if necessary, but always handled in a professional manner. We expect everyone to perform at a high level as we move into more difficult content. If you get your feelings hurt easily, you may want to look elsewhere.

<Ascension> is currently looking to fill the following class needs for our core raid group.:

Priest - Discipline - HIGH
Shaman - Restoration - HIGH
Warlock - HIGH
Priest - Shadow - Medium
Paladin - Holy - Medium
Shaman - Elemental - Medium
Warrior - Arms/Fury - Medium
Hunter - Medium

We are looking for raiders that can make 90% of our raids (vacation, emergencies, finals all excused from the 90% rule of course).

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply even if your class or spec isn't listed. We're seeking intelligent players who know how to maximize their class. Recruit the player, not the class.

<Ascension> currently raids a schedule of Tuesday-Thursday 6-10 PST. We employ an EPGP loot system for all scheduled raids. We also have optional raids going on the weekends.

If you have any questions feel free to post here or visit our website at Ascension Raiding - US-Azuremyst (http://www.ascensionraiding.com) You can aslo contact Ultán, Git, or Shvdom in game.

Thanks for your time.

07-01-2009, 07:30 AM