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06-29-2009, 12:07 PM
Defiant is an Evening Raiding Guild on the Sargeras server (PvP, CST). We raid on Wednesday-Saturday from 7pm CST (8pm EST) until 11pm CST (12am EST). We will push up to 30 minutes late at times, generally for new boss kills.

We currently clear 25 man Naxx every week. To gear members to move into 25 man Ulduar. While we run 10 man Ulduar with the best gear players in the guild. We are looking to add more geared players to move into 25 Ulduar

We strike a balance between true hardcore, no-nonsense raiding and a fun, relaxed, beer drinking, trash talking raiding environment. We purposely keep our roster lean, which means you will raid a lot, but also that it is very important that you are consistent and considerate.

We are recruiting all classes or specs that are of top tier raid talent. This means not only being a top DPS'er or an amazing tank or healer, but a solid guild member who puts a priority on doing whatever it takes to be the best raider they can be and to help the guild accomplish all the progression goals there are to achieve. If you feel you are amongst the best in the game at your class, and we agree, we will make room for you in our guild and raids.

Beyond this, we are in particular desire of:

Priest (1-2 Shadow, 1 Disc)
Druid (1 Resto, 1 Boomkin)
Pally (1 Holy)
Shaman (1 of Each)
Warrior (1 Dps)

We run a loot council system. As we move into 25 man Ulduar we will be moving to a EPGP loot system.

We focus on adding only self-sufficient mature raiders who take initiative and don't need to be monitored. You must be a TRUE raider: Show up to raids prepared, be it with consumables, the best spec, glyphs, enchants, gems for your class role and willing to do what it takes to help the guild progress. We are mostly 20-39; please don't apply if you are under 18. You must be a team player: We have players sit in raids if need be to do whats best for the guild, willingly. For progress encounters, we WILL put the best 25 in for the fight, in order to succeed.

While we are mature, we also are not politically correct and can be lewd, and give each other a hard time quite often. We have all types within the guild, and there is always a respect shown even when talking trash. We have a lot of fun, but the most fun you can have in a raiding guild is being successful in meeting your goals, so we don't suffer incompetence very well.

Our website is: Defiant of Sargeras (http://www.defiant-guild.guildomatic.com)

Take initiative with your app if you are serious about joining.

07-02-2009, 09:49 AM