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06-29-2009, 11:45 AM
Guild: Lux Aeterna.
Faction: Horde
Server: Borean Tundra
Time Zone: CST

Lux Aeterna is a Social/Casual Progression Raiding guild that is open for new vict-- er, members!

We take the following policies to heart, with each acting as a foundation in our charter:

* An community of assistance, cooperation, and participation where we work together to achieve goals that we cannot achieve alone.

* A guild built around the reality of adult members with responsibilities and commitments, which includes diverse event start times and the acknowledgment that real life comes first.

* A guild built together where all members take an active part in guild building, leadership and improvement.

* Positive reinforcement when participating in guild activities and for offering constructive advice on how to make the guild a better place.

* Achievement orientated with a focus on personal growth as we teach each other how to play the game better in order to overcome ever increasing challenges.

We're made up of those that enjoy questing and exploration, arena and battlegrounds, casual conversation and a good variety of humor, and of course, those who like to tango with raid denizens. Lux Aeterna is a community for players of different interests to come together in a relaxed environment to enjoy the game the way they like to play.

We do not encourage those that are under 18 years of age to apply, but we may make an exception if the applicant is above and beyond.

For those who have an interest in raiding, Lux Aeterna is currently focused on 10 Man content, but will be partnering with another guild for a Heroic Ulduar group.

We typically raid Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30 PM - 10:30/11:30 PM. We use an open roll loot system, putting main spec before off spec and ensuring loot is being fairly distributed among the players.

The LA Raiders sincerely enjoy guild progression, but it is not the end all for us. (If you're someone who won't survive without getting at least one upgrade a week before using the /gquit button, we're really not for you.)

For more information or to apply, please visit our website: www.luxaeternaguild.org (http://www.luxaeternaguild.org).

Alternatively, you may contact any of the following in game with questions or for more information: Jaslyn (GM/Raids), Rhea (GM/Raids), Soluna (Raids), Vekerk, Safiya, and Elamara.

Happy Hunting!