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06-29-2009, 07:19 AM
For an individual who would like to level a toon to 80, raid, and occasionally pvp, what class of tank would you recommend? I have already tried a Warrior tank and i just cant seem to get any Rage at lower levels.(Which makes tanking more like pulling rotted,Decaying,& Rageless teeth:mad:)

Would a paladin tank be better for me? Would it be hard to MT with a paladin tank? Also, keep in mind that druids are out because i avoid them like the plague...sry

And if i go with a warrior tank, which race?(Horde)

06-29-2009, 07:25 AM
I personally had no issues lvling my warrior tank to 80 in a short amount of time (for my first and only lvl 80 toon and still my main). I found it easy to solo, and always useful in instances. Now learning the higher lvl tanking duties, but still enjoy it a lot. As for druids, I don't disagree, and recently converted my lower lvl Druid to a healer spec to avoid another tank in the arsenal.

Paladins and DK (can't start at lvl 1, obviously) tanks are both great, as they have self healing, but if your tanking, you shouldn't have to worry about healing yourself in instances... but useful if soloing while leveling.

My $.02.

I say, Warrior... don't do Horde, but if I did, probably Tauren.

good luck.

06-29-2009, 08:45 AM
I say, Warrior... don't do Horde, but if I did, probably Tauren.

good luck.

Not sure if you're saying that because of a preference, but in the end it really doesn't matter what race (or faction for that matter) you decide to go with.

My main is a Forsaken. Is the thought of something that bony strapping on huge plate armor and keeping the baddies at bay a little odd? Sure, but no worse than say...gnome. Each race has their own little charm about them that makes being a warrior fun.


Will of the Forsaken - You don't get a whole lot of use out of in PvE, but still nice to have in the odd encounters that have charm or fear causing abilities.
Cannibalize - This is probably my favorite racial next to the new ridiculous human one. This little skill cut out a lot of my downtime while leveling, especially when it came to Northrend (mmm, yummy undead and Scarlets to feed on :p)

Blood Fury - Free AP and now it doesn't self Mortal Strike. Very nice to have in any given situation.
Axe specialization - Free expertise is always great to have. Too bad there's not more nice tanking Axes (or any non-sword for that matter).
Hardiness - Reduction of stun time is very helpful.
Command - Obviously useless because you're not a pet class.

Beast Slaying - Nice passive bonus in a world that is full of beasts to kill.
Berserking - Interesting racial. Better suited to Fury warriors, but fun nonetheless.
Thrown and Bow specializtion - Eh, because the extra 5% chance to crit when using your pulling weapon is important, right?
Regeneration - On the surface sounds great, but it's not as noticable as you'd think. Still, anything to reduce downtime is an asset.
Da Voodoo Shuffle - Handy when leveling to lower the duration of snares and roots. And the flavore text is hystarical.

Endurance - Took a big hit now that it's only 5% of base health. I guess some health is better than nothing, right?
War Stomp - A lot of people take tauren for this ability right here. The ability to round up mobs and war stomp is helpful, especially when questing and stuff hits the fan and you need to get away.
Cultivation - Intersting racial. If you want to go herbalism/X. Herbalism is a nice alternative to mining as a gathering skill, and it does give you lifebloom, an okay (at best) HoT that warriors don't innately have.
As I've heard repeatedly a thousand times, play what you think looks the most awesome in your mind. Tauren and Orc in plate look like something you want to have as a meat-shield in front of you. My only gripe about Forsaken is the way they look in plate. I wish they would do something about that.

And remember, when's the last time a group said "We shouldn't take him as a tank because he's a Troll"?

06-29-2009, 09:13 AM
What im trying to say is...Which would be better for raiding as an mt9Pally or Warrior) and does this Low rage(Warrior) issue stop when i get to higher levels.

My main problem with my troll warrior is when im in low lvl ins and tanking(BFD,RFK,WC, ect.) I have a really hard time keeping aggro off of comrades for about 10 sec...simply because i dont have enough rage to thunderclap and aggro a mob.


06-29-2009, 11:13 AM
Might be a combination of rotation, glyphs, and talents that are causing the rage starvation. Take a look at all of those and make sure you are using each to your advantage. don't be afraid to respec, re-glyph, re-gear, etc... and learn a new rotation if warrior is your character of choice, as it is mine.

charge>thunderclap>SB>SS>Rev>HS, etc... if you are getting pounded, you shouldn't have any issues with rage (this will be the case in instances while tanking multi's, esp at lvl 80).

check out this thread and scroll down to the Warrior section: http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f200/41670-tankspot-s-official-guides-articles-listing.html

Good luck!

06-29-2009, 11:34 AM
Btw hHere is the link for any suggestions

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blade%27s+Edge&n=T%C3%A0nk)

06-29-2009, 02:35 PM
What im trying to say is...Which would be better for raiding as an mt9Pally or Warrior) and does this Low rage(Warrior) issue stop when i get to higher levels.
It does, at least compared to what you're seeing while leveling. I had the exact same problem - during BC I leveled a warrior to 40, then gave up b/c rage gen seemed so week. Didn't like the mechanic, ditched the class. Then Wrath came out, started a DK, loved the mechanic, it's now my main, tanking at 80.

However, if you watch Ciderhelm tanking on his warrior in his videos, you see the rage gen, especially against bosses, is a whole different ballgame. He's constantly full on rage, every boss hit seems to restore like 1/4 of his rage bar, every second or so. You can't deplete it even if you tried.

I hear warriors complaining about the rage mechanic, calling it broken even (especially) at 80 main tanking, there was even a front page comment about it recently. But compared to the rage starvation you see while leveling a war, it doesn't look broken at all.