View Full Version : [H] - Barthilas - 80 Warrior (Goade) LFGuild

06-28-2009, 08:13 PM
Hi all,

My current guild has all but died. I've only just hit 80, my first 80, and am unable to progress much further without a good solid guild to help me out/show me the ropes.

I'm at the point where I'd like to start doing Heroics/Normal WoTLK raids to get a handle on the instances and what needs to be done to progress through this content. (I quested to 80, so missed most of the normal WoTLK content up until now - I know this may have been a mistake).

I'm looking for a New Zealand or Australian based guild, that are still doing Heroics, or dont mind taking the time to run me through some of them in an attempt to help me be a better tank. I listen well, and am a fast learner. I can take criticism with the best of them, and always look to learn from my mistakes.

I have vent, raid mods installed, and am ready to go - I just need someone to give me a shot ;).

I am based in New Zealand and play most nights from 8:30/9pm - midnight New Zealand time.

Feel free to contact me in game on my warrior (Goade), or via this forum.

Thanks for your time.