View Full Version : [H] Cho'gall - Legion of the Apocalypse

06-28-2009, 11:17 AM
We're a transfer guild from Agamaggan looking for members to replace people who didn't transfer to get back to 25s. Currently running 10s weekly. Raid times are 6:45 pm server (central time) to 9pm Wed & Thurs and 6pm - 9pm server on Sat & Sun. We do raid at other times if we have enough people on to do so. Many of us have multiple 80s and are can usually find time to raid on both toons when we need to help people gear up. Gear is not an issue, if you know how to play your class and get along well with others we're more then happy to have you.

Pst Agorna/Melfe or Koudo/Eivil on the server if interested.