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06-28-2009, 08:35 AM
Server: Kilrogg

Calling all Ex-Tanks!

Burnout is a newly forming guild led by officers who have cleared all content minus Yogg. All our officers are knowledgeable players looking for that perfect raid experience. By this we mean a raid with knowledgable, driven, and skillful players capable of working together. We know that typically tanks by nature of thier job fit this definition, and for that reason we are looking for you. If you are tired of tanking, have that dps alt you want to try out, or just are looking for a new tanking home- Burnout is that place.
We value player skill, competitive spirit, teamwork, dedication, a positive attitude, and a sense of humor. Our goals, as a guild, are to experience all the worthwhile content World of Warcraft has to offer in a timely and efficient manner while reaping the rewards for our efforts.

Raiding Philosophy

Our raiders are expected to perform at a high level. Coming to a Burnout raid is giving you the opportunity to experience content that relatively few players will ever see and a chance at loot that most players only dream of. Perhaps surprisingly, this opportunity doesn't come free. We don't bring you along just because you're a nice guy. We bring people to raids because we believe they will actively contribute towards our current and future success in raiding. If we feel someone is not performing at their full capacity we will speak with them about it. Repeated offenders will be removed from the guild. Note that your peers are not just in the guild. Peers could refer to other people in other raiding guilds on different servers who are reporting their capabilities. Within the bounds of gear and consumables, we expect our members to measure up to the best of the best in terms of raid performance. This means that every raider is expected to read any pre-existing strategies for bosses we have not attempted and to at least review, if not contribute to, any in-guild discussions on current progression bosses.
We only plan raids for 9 hours a week, respecting any raiding you may have with other characters or real life commitments. We raid fast, hard, and expect focus for those 3 hours. Content is perfectly capable of being cleared in this time with exceptional players.

Raid Times: (PST)

Weds: 5-8pm

Thurs: 5-8pm

Sun: 5-8pm

All raid events will be chosen by the guild master and officers at the time of the raid. Event will be picked based on raid composition, needed gear, and progression.


Potential recruits will be expected to fill out an application providing us with relevant information. This application requires a recent WWS report. A poorly written or incomplete application will result in a denied application, sight unseen.

*Burnout expects 90% raid attendence from all our members. If you can not meet this requirement please refain from applying.

For all other rules and the application please visit our website at:
Home : Burnout - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://burn-out.guildlaunch.com)

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