View Full Version : arms spec gearing

06-28-2009, 06:36 AM
I'm not sure whether i have over stacked ArP, I dont' have much chance to dps in raid, so i can't really do a lot of tests.

My dps has been low in 10man raids when ihave to sunder, 5.2k hodir and about 3.8k general vexaz, which was about the same as what i did at dummy i dont' get it, is sunder worth it if i have 41% arp?

My stats are

3459 AP
41.25% Arp (so 51.25% with battle stance)
30% crit (with axe spec)
way over hit cap 9.33% (didn't gem hit but it comes with gear), lots from grim toll


06-28-2009, 09:31 AM
You have the grim toll that gives 49.7 arp on proc, that means you only need 50.3 arp from gearing and battle stance to be at the cap. That means you can lose almost 1% arp and still be arp capped.

Also sunder is always worth it, even if your at 100% arp