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06-28-2009, 04:08 AM
hi, im a warrior tank having trouble tanking hodir on 10man, on 25man we use a DK tank.

ok, as i keep dieing on hodir, our raid leader told me to wear full 3 peices of frost resistance, so im on 407 frost resistance (all slots are 24stam except for 1 16def rating gem) and i switch into the 25man mallygos legs and i monarch crab (24stam, 16def) and the def trinket. i remain at 541 frost resistance. but in my usual gear im 563.

alright, we start off by tanking hodir in the corner (usually) first time he does frozen blows i use shieldwall (2min CD and 40% dmg resist) and the next time he uses frozen blows i pop last stand and enraged regeneration (most of the time i survive) but when i dont have my CD's avaliable i use my trinkets but, i usually die. (sometimes i live through it, but most recently when we nearly downed hodir frozen blows came and i had to CD's and i died..) is this my problem or the healers problems when i have no CD's left?

also, i have some threat problems sometimes. i sit around 5k-5.5k threat and when ever the raid members grab that spark buff, they go BOOOOM!!! but i usually get a /sigh of relief when he uses his freezing spell because they have to get the npc's out. how can i improve my threat throughout hodir?

and a all in general question, HOW DO I IMPROVE MY THREAT? my current rotation when im in a fight is, devastate spamming when ever revenge / shield slam is on CD, most the time i spam heroic strike with revenge / shield slam / devestate. i constatly keep Thunderclap / rend up on the boss and chuck in demoralizing shout (when i take craploads of damage) and keep commanding shout up.

so, anyone got suggestions for a warrior (sigh @ dk's being so OP) tanking hodir. thankyou in advance. (shieldwall / last stand are 2min CD's and enraged regeneration is 3minutes, also i stole the 2 points from shield specialization as pretty much each peice of loot has shield block on it because blizzard wants warriors mass blocking)

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06-28-2009, 10:30 AM
I was using almost the same spec and 3 piece frost resist jsut sitting at 540 def, i had no problem wih agro yet we weren't doing hard mode (25man).

I never had to use cool down with 3 piece of frost resist. in 10man were that 2 or 3 healers? I didn't need to use cool down at all in 10man wiht 2 healeres (3 piece of resist gear), nor any healer cd were needed (hardmode). I am thinking if your healers can't heal through it with 3 piece of resist gear they'll need to be better.

of course you need to avoid dmgs like biting cold and icicles, if you get killed by these it's your fault

i will be using no resist gear for more threat if we are doing hard mode 25man in future

I also use intervene during flash freezes. you might want to try glyph of vigilance

06-29-2009, 09:45 AM
If you're wearing 3 pieces of frost resist and die on frozen blows, it's usually the healers problem (unless you get hit by a falling icicle or die from biting cold). With 3 pieces of resist gear, his frozen blows hit pretty much the same as his regular attacks.

06-29-2009, 09:54 AM
I would go with the healers on that one, they need to keep you up. If you have pallies or priests, they can do some extra mitigation for frozen blows too. It doesnt matter where you tank him, I get in a light beam until I get a lead on threat, and I try to tank him where melee can stand in a light beam.............

06-29-2009, 02:46 PM
I would guess that heals are part of the problem as others have said. The healers should be prepared to handle the frozen blows (and the non-instacast types should be hanging out by the fires.)

If you have pallys in the raid I would expect one of them should have frost resistence aura up. If they have it have them cast aura mastery when frozen blows hits (perhaps interleaving with your cooldowns.)

The only other thing that comes to mind (which you may already be doing) is seeing if throwing a demo shout out there can reduce the melee damage enough to make a difference.

On the threat part I'll point to the Project Marmot Videos. (This may be from the hard mode video, I'm not sure.)

When threat is getting close to wonky tank Hodir where you can stand (jump) in a light beam, and if reasonable have one of the spark buffing raid members run to melee to buff you and melee with the crit buff.

Hope this helps and good luck!

06-30-2009, 06:16 AM
As a warrior tank i usually sit at 417 FR (gear + MotW + pally aura) and find that saving shield block (not shield wall) for frozen blows coupled with demo shout (which is always up anyways) can more or less negate most of the damage. The real trouble we have comes from the fact that frozen blows hits EVERYONE in the raid. Make sure your most vulnerable players are wearing at least some frost resist gear, and it will greatly lighten the load on your healers. Happy healers = living tank.

07-01-2009, 06:54 AM
And if you are really really really having trouble, and you are downing him on 25m you should be able to get your 4 piece t8 fairly soon, and that can turn what little damage you should take on Frozen Blows (with 3 pieces of FR gear) into nothing. But in reality, your healers should have no problems with healing right through it with no cooldowns on 10m (especially since you have him down on 25m.)

07-02-2009, 06:08 PM
I would suspect that your bigger issue is "biting cold". Its a debuff that gets placed on you that makes you take frost damage. There is really no reason whatsoever to have that debuff on you at all, little less have a stack of it.

Make sure you are moving around or jumping to remove the debuff. That should solve your issues. Hodir wont kill a tank with your gear from frozen blows unless you just dont get any heals.

07-02-2009, 08:19 PM
Frozen blows was an issue when we were doing this fight first but not much after, (btw we also had the cooldowns of me backup tank pulling divine guardian + divine shield combo, in tandem with some rets also specced into it doing same on different blows, might help) the healers should be able deal with it once everyone knows the fight enough to not be taking lots of damage too.