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06-26-2009, 04:19 PM
Dream Team has opened up it's recruiting doors for a limited time and is accepting:

DPS: Any melee welcome, definite openings for a Retribution Paladin and a Fury Warrior. Possibly a caster dps position. Full on Hunters.

Healers: There is a possibility for a Paladin, or Druid, currently full on priests & shamans.

Tanks: Currently full (Posting a recruitment advert on Tankspot for a guild full on tanks - I know right? ;)), but feel free to browse / register on our website anyway, as this may change in the future.

Dream Team is the oldest raiding guild on Blade's Edge. Formed in tBC we have numerous Alliance and Server firsts to our name.

We are looking for passionate, experienced raiders that know how to maximize their toon in a raiding environment. Ideally (but not mandatory), our applicants will have extensive pre-BC and BC raiding experience.

Our Progression raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 9p-12a server time (8:30p-11:30p Jan through early March). We schedule 9 hours a week for raiding (feel free to join / post sign ups for off-nights) and as such have a strict availability policy requiring our entire raider base to be fully available and online on raid nights whether they are scheduled to raid or not. If you can't dedicate yourself to this type of availability, please do not apply.

For more information, please go to http:// www.theguildofdreams (http://%20www.theguildofdreams.com).com (http://%20www.theguildofdreams.com) to check out our core values and create a forum account. Once it's validated you will be able to submit an application.

Thank you for your interest.

07-01-2009, 05:59 PM