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06-26-2009, 11:56 AM
Who we are and what you can expect from us:
Synced is a 25 man , Terokkar-US late night raiding guild, our main focus - to be competitive in PvE endgame content with our goal to be recognized as the servers premier raiding guild. Our officers and most members have been playing since vanilla, and have seen and completed MC-Sunwell content pre-nerfs. We are transferring looking for a fresh start and new extraordinary people to fill the rest of our full time raiding slots. We moved 15 people over to Terrokar who made up the core of our old raid progression, bringing along with us the best skill, attitude, and gear our previous server could muster, and parting ways with people of different mind sets than our own. After going into Ulduar for about 2 weeks on our old server, we were 9/14 Ulduar(25) and 11/14 Ulduar(10), with all previous 25 man content on farm(3d pre-patch). We are currently situated on Terokkar, transferring about 3 weeks ago. After going into Ulduar(10) for 1 week and Ulduar(25) for 2, we are currently 12/14(10) and 10/14(25).

On a side note we are interested in recruiting exceptional PvPers in order to make our presence known in the arena and overall PvP scene, if you are interested in such a position please contact Hanma or Hearths in game.

Raid Times:
Mandatory Raid Time: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:40-1:30 Server Time(CST) (25 Man Content)
Optional Raid Time: Tuesday from 9:40-1:30 Server Time(CST) (10 Man Content)

Currently Recruiting/Recruiting Priority:
Applications are always welcome from exceptional players, hence why open is seen under all classes, any class/spec listed specifically are just a priority need. If you are consistently topping meters wherever you go but just aren't happy with your current raiding, we encourage you to apply - if your DPS is there and you show up for raids, you WILL have a spot every night.
Warrior: 1 DPS(Fury)
Death Knight: Open
Paladin: Open
Priest: Open
Shaman: 1 Elemental(Prefer resto off-spec)
Druid: 1 DPS(Feral), 1 DPS(Balance)
Rogue: Open
Mage: 1 DPS
Warlock: Open
Hunter: Open

Great players, characters, and applications will of course always be considered. The above are just priority needs.

What we will expect from you:

Anyone with common sense and previous end-game experience will already know what we have to say in this section, know your class, know the encounters, come prepared and on time...consistently, bring a good attitude, and don't stand in the volcanoes.

If you are the type of person that fits this description please visit our website(Synced of Terokkar (http://www.Synced-Guild.org)) to get a more in-depth understanding of what we expect from applicants and who we are as a guild. In game contacts are more than welcome, while it will not get you past the application, we are interested in the type of people with the drive and the motivation to take every step necessary and possible in order to accomplish their goals. Hanma and Hearths are the preferable people to talk to in-game, but any of our members will be more than happy to help you to the best of their abilities.