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06-26-2009, 08:43 AM
Having not long hit 80 on my warrior and run a few Heroics with my guild as DPS to get some decent tanking gear I've now taken to tanking - the sole reason I made the Warrior in the first place.

On the whole it's been okay but yesterday Old Kingdom I hit a problem on Elder Nadox. This is a boss we've killed so many times easily with a Druid Bear tank but as a Warrior I found it a nightmare.

Holding aggro on him was fine but as the adds and Guardians started to appear I found it increasingly difficult to get aggro from healers/DPS. Thunderclap, shockwave, Demoralising shout, etc didn't seemed to help and tabbing revenge, taunt, etc was too slow to grab the increasing number of adds. 3 wipes later we called it a day.

We did it differently each time but each time the druid healer had adds stuck to her like glue. Cue one dead Druid followed by the rest of us.

My rotation tends to be: Charge-Thunderclap-Shockwave-Demoralising Shout followed by tabbing shield slam, revenge, taunt, rend as appropriate.

Could it be a gear problem? Here's my Armoury entry. (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Sunstrider&n=Skargore)

Or do I just need to learn to play?

I've found this has affected my confidence in my tanking ability and find myself more and more playing an alt or deferring to any other tank on Heroics/Raids rather than stand up and be counted. After all the time and effort I've expended on getting this warrior to 80 and my goal of main tanking I' need help to become the tank I want to be.

Hoping you can give me some advice!

06-26-2009, 12:42 PM
Couple of suggestions.

First, you have a glyph of cleave.... but you dont have it in your rotation. I haven't run that event in a while, could be that they are spread apart, but I have found that once you have adds on you, cleave is HUGE with that glyph.

Second, you didnt say anything about Vigilance. Put it on the druid and steal some of their threat. It will also a) refresh your taunt if they get hit and b) provide them 3% damage mitigation.

Third, your spec is ok, but not great. It looks like you are specced for boss fights with the improved disciplines and Imp Spell Reflect. You might want to consider a deep wounds build that they posted here on Tankspot since its better DPS. There is also a debate whether Armored to the Teeth is better than Cruelty, but most of what I hear says it is.

Fourth, you havent given me any information about the group. I will say that if the majority of the group is undergeared and the druid is pushing strong HPS, you're going to have some trouble. So if the rest of the group is in blues with you and the druid is in Ulduar gear, it might be tough to keep him from ripping.

Fifth, you should not have Rend in your rotation. Period. And I saw nothing on devastate in your rotation either. Add it. There is a glyph that will apply a second sunder to a target nearby (wont crack crowd control either). You can use that when SW, Rev and SS are on cooldown.

Sixth, don't use Demo Shout for threat. Its not good. If you need it for survivability, work it in, but you have other abilities that can generate you a lot more threat in a global cooldown. Use those instead.

Those are my recommendations. Try to remember that even the best geared Warrior tanks have to work a lot harder to AOE tank than our Pally and DK brethren. Stick with it..... challenge yourself to go places that make you uncomfortable on purpose. Do CoS and deal with the gauntlet. Occulus is good took.

Good luck.