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06-25-2009, 10:01 AM
In patch 3.2 players will have the option of turning off gaining experience. Myself and several others have decided to make alts and level them to 60 to raid level 60 content with all level 60s.

Now, you might ask "Why would you want to do this?"
Myself and others enjoyed raiding at level 60 and enjoyed the events and stories of that level range. Many have come to play the game after this content and we are giving them the option of seeing that content how it was intended to be done.

We are looking for the challenge of classic raiding, not just blowing through it. We do that on our 80s weekly already and want to have that epic feeling of running with a large group of 60s.

I would like to open up to anyone else that is interested in doing this with us to come join us. We've picked a day that does not seem to conflict with most major raiding guilds so that if anyone in a major raiding guild wants to get in on this also they are free to.

Scilla Server Info:
EST timezone server
PvP server
Medium population server

Raid Time:
Saturday: Noon - 5

Home : Vertex - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://vertexscilla.guildlaunch.com)

If you are interested you can contact me here, on our website, or in game during the evenings. My characters to contact in the evening would be Metriod (GM of Vertex) and if I am not on that one, Ohnoto, Zeddichus, or Lightinghoof.

07-24-2009, 11:46 AM
We are looking for more players, specifically healers and warlocks. Over 50 accounts tied to the guild currently. There are several on each night, leveling and getting ready for when 3.2 comes out.