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06-25-2009, 03:54 AM
Ok, I'm a bit on the bored side of things, so I'm just going to knock out one of these pondersome threads where I propose a change to warrior mechanics that would probably be fantastic, but never implemented. Now, we're talking about rage being a broken mechanic, how it's outdated, and we should have rage on avoidance, how warriors aren't doing well. I always feel like the class could really build on it's unique qualities. Block needs a fix, but effecting block value will also significantly buff Paladins too, so how do we improve it for Warriors? Imagine this...

The amount of rage you have increases your block value.

Lets say we make it a component of Critical Block. Do away with that 30% chance to block double the amount, and make is so that your block value is increased in a percentage of the amount of rage you have, as in 10 rage = 10% block value, and at full rage it's increased by 100%. The more angry you are, the more damage you'll mitigate.

Now, this ties into fixing the need for Heroic Strike spamming, but for this to work right, Prot Warrior DPS and threat would need to significantly increase right across the board. Get rid of Vigilance, the class shouldn't be required to leech threat off other players. I remember someone suggesting that Warriors gain crit from Stregnth instead of Agility, and I think that would be a start. The increased block value from rage would help with Shield Slam damage (especially with Shield Block up), I'd like to see One Handed Weapon Spec increased, Cleave hitting all targets in a frontal arc rather than just 2-3, Devastate being really buffed up, and also being able to use Execute in Defensive Stance also. The point being to completely cut out the need for Heroic Strike to build threat under normal conditions.

Heroic Strike would remain the same, and it would still be spammable, but it's role would be different. With rage becoming a form of mitigation, and Heroic Strike no longer being a nessecity, you're going to be making a choice when using Heroic Strike, whether you want to dump the rage into more DPS and threat, or if you'd like to keep up your rage in order to take less damage. But it wouldn't be quite as significant a damage dealer as it was, because you'd also be losing out on more powerful Shield Slams without the rage. Heroic Strike would be a lot more situational then, if you see someone riding up the aggro list you can quickly burn off the rage and stay on top at the cost of the extra mitigation. Likewise using Execute, or in AOE situations, using Cleave to generate a lot of threat.

Also, it this change could greatly help out mitigating burst damage, timing Shield Block and letting your rage build up high would mean that you'd block a significant amount, 4 times your base block value at 100 rage.


Something else I'd like to see is a mechanic for Warriors similar to Ardent Defender or Will of the Necropolis. Something that woud mitigate a little extra damage when you're below 35%, but not the same as those talents and more unique to the Warrior. Lets say that damage that brings you below 35% increases your chance to block the next attack by 100%. It's a completely different flavour to the Paladin and DK talents, but depending on rage could mitigate a decent amount off the next attack that may kill you otherwise.

06-25-2009, 04:08 AM
I think it would be a mistake to make a full rage bar improve your survivability. Rage is meant to be spent, it is your ammo. We are talking about rage starvation, starving yourself some more to loose aggro while improving your survivability won't be great and counter-intuitive.

Warriors need steady, reliable rage generation.
Warriors need less innate threat and more white/yellow damage threat.

I see no reason whatsoever why warriors should do less dps and tps than any other tank. The same goes for total mitigation.

06-25-2009, 05:36 AM

Wrong approach to two different problems.