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06-24-2009, 11:06 PM
<Casual>, the top raiding guild on Scilla (#6 ranked progression server) is currently recruiting the following classes to join our ranks for Ulduar hard mode progression and beyond:

-Tank (any class)
-Holy Priest
-Elemental Shaman

These are full time raiding positions, as such you're expected to meet our schedule and have the gear to jump into hard modes from day 1.

About Us:

* Website: plzdontgank.us

* Raid times: Sun-Thu, 8pm-1am EST (during progression)

* Former top alliance guild on Mal'Ganis, recently transferred to Scilla due to server instability.

* Gear reflecting your raiding experience, as well as 2 raiding professions are a must.

* We do not over-recruit. When a spot opens up, it is a full time raiding position. As such, we expect near perfect attendance from all members.

Ulduar Hard Mode Progression:

* US 3rd Hodir (world 6th)
* US 19th Thorim
* US 25th Iron Council (no voidwalker exploit)
* US 27th General Vezax
* US 48th XT-Deconstructor
* US 75th Flame Leviathan
* US 31st Freya + 3 Elders
* US 29th Yogg-Saron + 1 Watcher

*Currently working on hard mode Mimiron


If interested please visit plzdontgank.us and post an application in the recruitment forums, or pm it to Lidow if you would like to apply privately.

If you would like to talk to an officer before applying you can contact Hawts, Kuroe, or Lidow in-game.

Thank you

06-28-2009, 01:25 AM