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06-24-2009, 04:22 PM
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Infraction: Whining
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Seriously get over yourself.

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No one is here trying to overpower warriors, if you think that way and want to QQ about it do it elsewhere. No one here is trying to make 1 class overpowered over the other. I think you're reading into posts that don't exist.

Original Post:

When the paladin is below 35% the damage is reduced by 30%. When the DK is below 35% the damage is reduced by 15%. One has an internal CD, the other does not.

How is that "debatable"? Your post reeks of a terrible bias..Its ok for things to be imbalanced, as long as the class who is imbalanced sucked before?

Also, you keep spitting out these block mitigation numbers. With a 17% distribution ratio and 1500 block value, block is worth 3.4% mitigation against a boss hitting for 100k pre-mitigated, given the warrior has full 226 gear. That mitigation is worth 1585 armor.

Death knights, next patch, will take slightly more damage than a warrior in about the same gear. Only blood DKs will have the same HP, all others will have less.

Clear, unadulterated bias. You are allowing your dislike for a class to cloud your posts.

We just gotta get used to it, some people have ZERO interest in making things balanced and they would rather see block be a skill that added 30-35% of the time remove 6000-7000 dmg on each hit BOTH magical and physical dmg while at the same time they want DK's and Warrior to run around with SAME hp SAME avoidance SAME armor Same cooldowns, only when that happens will they think warriors are truly balanced vs the other tanks.

Fact remains i am seriously concidering to having to gear up the warrior tank i had since before since the way things are looking right now not doing it means you arent willing to give it all for progression. And that is only because i dont really feel like leveling a pally and druid up from lvl 1. Both of whom are looking insanely strong with the changes that are on the horizon.

Just get over your DK hatred DK's are getting gutted to TRASH and GARBAGE at an alarming speed.