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06-24-2009, 08:57 AM
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Take a minute to calm down, and write out your sentences clearly before posting. Replacing the word "are" with r and having grammatical errors makes it very difficult to understand you. Maybe English isn't your primary language. But regardless, dropping some misspelled f-words into the post is a big no no.

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yeh maybe i am reinforcing but they already know this. Everybody knows that and They r talking about this. This doenst mean any of the following: Other classes can be MT. Warriors better than other classes, they should be main tanks but We r traditional MT's and if we cant tanking or hardly tanking to mimiron or general vezax or whatever this means there is a problem. DK tanks can tank every single boss so my opinion they r better than us and If we cant get any buff anymore there ll be a lot of DK tank instead of warrior. So if they fuked up your traditional class (coz we r still weak beside DK's and maybe paladins) and if we cant get any buff we ll fuked up) so they ll loose player.