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Ascendant is a horde raiding guild on the Archimonde PvP server. We formed as Exiled on Aerie Peak at the beginning of TBC and have cleared every raid zone since then including many server firsts in SW and WoTLK. We have been ranked Top100 US for most of Ulduar and are looking to improve upon that with more hardmode kills.

We pride ourselves on maintaining cutting edge progression with a not-so-hardcore raid schedule of 16 hours a week. We are looking for a few dedicated, exceptional raiders to finish out our roster. These are NOT backup positions - we have always maintained a tight raid roster and you will be expected to raid every night and perform.

We have a "casual" raid schedule but our expectations are anything but. We are looking for recruits that strive to be the best possible players at their class.

Raid Schedule
Tues: Off-night/10-mans
Wed: 8-12 PM PST (11-3 EST)
Thurs: 8-12 PM PST (11-3 EST)
Sun: 8-12 PM PST (11-3 EST)
Mon: 8-12 PM PST (11-3 EST)

Kara - BT: Cleared
Sunwell: Killed Muru pre-3.0 and had KJ to 14%.
WoTLK: Finished GoTR and HGoTR. Our 3D kill was 39th US.
Ulduar: We've killed FL, Hodir, Thorim, XT, Council, and General hardmodes.

Our latest up-to-date progression can always be found here:
WoW Guild Ascendant :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/archimonde/Ascendant)

We Provide
- Drama free raiding atmosphere. Simply put we don't tolerate drama from recruits or anyone else.
- Solid leadership. Before we attempt a boss we will always have up-to-date information on our forums with videos/WWS parses and a detailed strategy on what we're going to do. We spend a lot of time watching videos and evaluating our parses to determine the best possible strategy and raid makeup.
- Guild repairs are always available to raiding members. We always drop fish feasts.
- Raiding atmosphere. We are pretty damned serious when it comes to progression but a lot of us have been raiding together for a long time and we love to make fun of each other. Its still a game and shouldn't feel like a job.

What We're Looking For
- First and foremost we value situational awareness in recruits. You need to be able to DPS/Tank/Heal at an optimal level while still knowing whats going on in the rest of the fight. If you die early to stupid things your trial will be very short.
- Our members spend a lot of time researching their classes and min/max'ing their characters. You should be the same way. This means optimal professions, gems, enchants, and gear selection.
- We're not looking for average players. You should perform at an above average level consistently - be it DPSing, tanking, or healing - and have the WWS/WMO parses to prove it.
- You need to have a solid computer and connection. If you are crashing, lagging, or disconnecting during your trial you are of no use to us.
- Preparation. We expect you to have watched videos and read everything posted on our strat forums when going into a new fight. Obviously you should also be stocked up on flasks, glyphs, and potions.
- Experience in high-rated arena is a plus but not required.
- Reliability. We are only interested in players that can make all four of our raids barring RL emergencies.

Current Needs
DK Tank
Shadow Priest

Also interested in:
Holy Priest

**For all classes having the ability and gear to dual-spec is encouraged but not absolutely required**

We are always looking for top tier players regardless of class. If you feel you are absolutely amazing and can out-perform our current roster then you will not have to worry about a raid spot.

If you are interested you should apply at Ascendant of Archimonde (http://www.ascendantguild.net). You can talk to Adrift or Dogi either in-game or through our forums with any questions. If you apply and we are interested we will contact you to set up a vent interview.

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