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06-23-2009, 04:20 PM
First of all I was wondering what the best way for a warrior to pull is, when i was tanking emalon 25 i had trouble grabbing him at first he ran back and i had to taunt him after i taunted him off the OT good thing it wasnt that big a of a deal and we went on with the rest of the fight fine.

I usually just try and gain rage from bloodrage then charge and try and hit shield slam but it feels like there is a slight delay on shield slam after i charge and i cant get a ton of threat really fast.

Second thing I wanted to ask was how is my itemization so far? am I doing well do I have all the right enchants and gems? I also was wondering how is my expertise and how should I get more, should I just wait for more gear with expertise to drop or gem a bit for it?

Also when I was offtanking Archavon my taunt missed once the other tank was grabbed and I had no way to gain enough threat until my next taunt because I was rage starved, what should I do in situations like these?

06-23-2009, 04:47 PM
My advice on Emalon is: Try to Heroic Throw, Shield Block, SS right after you taunt, and strafe away from the OT while you continue to build threat (revenge, devastate, HS, etc.). Have a hunter MD or rogue TotT you for easy mode. You can also use mocking blow as an emergency taunt if Emalon goes back to the OT.

Your itemisation seems fine, if you want more threat get the Armsman enchant for your gloves, and get your bracer/gloves socketed as soon as you get your BSing high enough. You're a bit tight on defense, but that should get solved as you get your upgrades. Your expertise and hit rating are a bit low, if you plan on going to Ulduar you probably want to stay focused on defensive stats, but if you are not planning on doing Ulduar you could get a few expertise-stam gems for your red sockets or hit-stam for your yellow sockets, and maybe carry your own expertise food.

In cases when your taunt misses, you can try using mocking blow (if the boss is in range) or Challenging Shout (if there aren't other mobs around), they're not as good as taunt but they will buy you a few seconds of aggro while you try to build your threat up and/or taunt is back up, just be careful with diminishing returns on taunt. If a healer/dps has aggro, you can intervene them oro if you're quick enough put vigilance on them so your taunt resets when they get hit, lol.