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06-23-2009, 02:23 PM
Guild: <Havok> (http://havoklegion.guildlaunch.com)
Server: Gorgonnash-US (PVP)
Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 6-9PM Server (PST)

<Havok> is a well-established Horde raiding guild on Gorgonnash-US. We are 11/14 in Ulduar-25 and aggressively pursuing hard modes in Ulduar-10 (12/14). Summer is here, the sun is out and our raid roster has been thin so we are opening recruitment for all classes and talent specs.

We are interested in hearing from high attendance, low drama players with an average iLvl above 200. Prior Ulduar experience is an obvious plus. We have a low tolerance for loot greed, trade chat trolling and general immaturity and a high tolerance for kicking serious ass.

Recruitment is open and exceptional applications from any class will be given serious consideration, but our top priorities at the moment are:

Tanks: Any flavor. Skill and competence count for more than class mechanics so if you can get hit by Vezax and not take a dirt nap we are looking for you!

Healers: Any class but especially Shamans and Druids.

Rogues: It sure isn't Burning Crusade anymore. Where are all the Rogues? If you see one, let us know. If you are one, even better.

Warlocks & Mages: If you can pew pew we want you you.

Apply now at Home : Havok - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://havoklegion.guildlaunch.com).

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Still open.

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