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06-23-2009, 09:36 AM
Hey everyone!

Since it's creation more than 2 years ago, Twilight Empire from The Venture Co[EU] has managed to achieve multiple goals in the PvE section of the game, with a couple of examples:

-Server first Kil'Jaden(pre nerf)
-Server first and only Immortal
-Server first Malygos and Sartharion with 3 drakes up
-Server first and only Heroic: Glory of the Raider
-Server first Yogg'Saron, Ignis pre nerf and others.
- 25 man Thorim Hardmode down and on farm
- 25 man Hodir Hardmode down and on farm
- 25 man Iron Council down and on Farm
- 25 man Flame Leviathan Hardmode down and on farm.
- 25 man XT-Deconstructor Hardmode down and on farm.

So who are we?

Simply put, we're a bunch of guys(and gals) playing on The Venture Co. Over the course of many months we've experienced our ups and downs and always having pulled through when we thought it nigh impossible to push on.

The key to our success is that we're not just a coalition of 25 players bunching up and dodging fires, but that we're a group of friends working together as a team, putting the community first. As such the mood is always good and we're first and foremost a group of friendly players. This leads us to hosting guildmeetings each year where all guildmembers are welcome, and it's usually a merry gathering involving lots of alcohol, fun and friendship.

We raid 5 days a week, Friday and Saturday being off-days where we tend to run 10 mans and such, and our raid hours are from 19:00-23:30.

We use a zero-sum DKP system with fixed prices meaning you as the "new guy" will find yourself in the middle field of DKP.

What do we want?
- Someone who enjoys a serious approach to the PvE enviornment
- Someone who wants to be an active memeber of our community, not just an idle bystander.
- Someone who is willing and able to learn, adapt and overcome

What classes do we need?

- 1 Priest - any specc
- 2-3 Mages
- 2 Hunters

How to apply:

Visit Twilight Empire - Guild News (http://te.redink.it) and look up the recruitment section to post an application

For more information or any questions you may have, feel free to whisper any of these people in game:
- Maltuvion
- Andean
- Solmenir
- Ganonaz
- Ayria

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