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Calm down.

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Jere is a very respected member here and very rarely if ever takes an emotional side over an argument he chooses to engage in.

I think you are turning this into a personal argument and have begun to cross the line. If you want to discuss this with jere, do so, but you don't need to throw borderline insults at him.

Original Post:
Whats with this nitpicking Jere ? Are you so happy finally being overpowered that you want to "trivialize" it ?

You are making up some non realistic numbers. First of all, on 10 man alone, Vezax hits me for 32k damage, not 27k. Secondly, with the changes paladins will gain on the order of less than 100 block value if they are gearing for boss fights (we don't gear for block value against hard hitters). 3k block value is not a realistic number at all, especially against bosses like Vezax.
Was actually talking about normal white hits from Vezax 25man without the enrage. Bring in the enrage and you still take 30% less dmg. If you can do with 7 healers taking 100% dmg, how can it not be trivialized when you suddenly only need 4 healers ?

If you prefer using enrage number, change 27k into 39.

And wasn't trying to start a warrior vs pala fight. As I stated, you get a smoother ride where we take a spikier path. Both ending up at the same dmg taken.

If the entire 30k hit is reduced by 30%, it takes off 21000 damage, or 50%. Some amount of healing must land at this point to save the paladin or the next hit he will die. If Vezax parries, then it is game over (unless the 2 min save kicks in). Luckily a HoT landed for some amount. Lets be unrealistic and say 5k healing, boosting you up to 26000 health and the next hit lands and takes you down to 5000 health. You now need 16000 healing to land before the 3rd hit, which is doable, but not trivial. Healers have to move around during this fight to get mana from the pools, so you won't have all the healers on you at any given one point guaranteed. At this point, your healers are stuck in catch up mode for the remainder of the 10 seconds, hoping he doesn't parry and that their heals land in time.
If healers are moving during enrage, then they are just very bad at timing, find new ones. And saying 16k isn't trivial to heal, with holy light critting for 20k?? 1 healer could keep a pala tank up in 10man.
And talking about your healers being stuck in "catch-up mode for the remainder of those 10 sec". What about other tanks who take 30% more dmg ?

No matter what you are doing, as long as it can be done in the first place, when it becomes 30% easier, it's been trivialized.