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I know that you place yourself high up on a pedestal, but even with a pompous attitude like that, I believe you're looking at the change the wrong way. Blizzard's number one concern is to keep people happy and keep them coming back. It pads their bottom line. They do not do it to reward anybody for anything, it's simply business. It's the same reason that they'll disregard QQ's from people who are offended by the idea that somebody else will get decent gear without having as much trouble progressing.

It's nothing personal, it's just the best way to keep people hooked.

It is people like who who got geared up off of others hard work. Who are teribad and lazy, who want things handed to them. This crap is getting insane. If Blizzard keeps heading in this direction, I mind as well head back to Everquest where to achieve the next tier you had to finish a quest(s) or get a key from the final boss (and that key only allowed u and 4 others).
Right now Blizzard only cares about the almighty dollar, and make it easier for those who begin to lvl up and get in raid mode. Which in turn all you get is a bunch of unskilled players who do not know who to play their class. But all they want is to get those people who are off on those freebie servers to come over to the retail servers and play. Blizzard no longer cares about the players who come here and been here for a long time, their customer service has gone down the drain, and they have made a lot of classic people unhappy. IMO if they continue on this road, they are going to be losing a lot of people who have been with them for a long time. They need to pull their head out their rear, & do a survey (then actually take it serious).