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06-22-2009, 01:27 AM
Ante Meridiem is a located on the Stormrage Server it is an EST Time Zone. We raid early mornings 9am-1pm.

Due to the minimal hours of raiding each week, candidates who can commit to 100% attendance will take priority over others, however, we encourage anyone who can make these raid times 'most' of the time to apply.

We are currently working through Ulduar, we are 10/14 bosses in. We are balance out the team in order to finish up the last bosses and Hard Modes.

We raid:

Friday: 9am-1pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm
Monday: 9am-1pm

All times listed are SERVER TIME (EST).

Current class needs are:

[High] Death Knight - Tank (dps)

[Medium] Warlock - Destro/Affliction
[Medium] - Paladin (Holy)

[Low] Druid- Resto
[Low] Shaman - Resto (Elemental)
[Low] Priest - Holy (Disc)

[level] = Denotes the need level
(spec) = Denotes preferred dual spec, however, not required

Ante Meridiem - Guild of Stormrage (http://www.amwow.net) and follow the AM Raid Team recruiting forum.


For questions about AMAM Team: Meliven or Keysia
For general recruitment questions: Houtoku, Ambulant or Tamirha
For general guild questions: Bellarionna

Thank you and hopefully we'll see you,

Meliven & Keysia
AMAM Raid Team Leaders