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Fiction is a relatively new guild on the EU PvE realm Terokkar. We began life as a small group who rerolled together, and after the trials and tribulations of levelling we are now looking for a few more members to complete our raid group and help us continue making progress.

Our primary focus is on PvE content, via the 10 man progression route. We have a lighter raiding schedule than most guilds (3 nights a week, 3 hours each night), with raiding at later than average times, allowing plenty of time to get out in the sunshine and have a social life while still enabling members to attend the majority of raids. This is not to say we are looking for slackers; we expect a decent level of dedication from our members, both in terms of raid attendance and all of the unpleasant gold depleting aspects of raiding (enchants, consumables etc), as well as the motivation and focus to take on the hard mode encounters and more challenging content to come in Wrath and beyond.

Our members are generally old(er) than the average WoW gamer, with the real life responsibilities that comes with it. We are for the majority from 25 man backgrounds (experience generally ranges from full Naxx 25 up to 3/4 keepers of Ulduar, with most members having cleared at least partially through SWP during TBC), and have for one reason or another decided on a preference for 10 man raiding as our main source of progression. Our current progression is:

Naxx 15/15
VoA 2/2
Malygos at 8% (should be down this reset)

We are just searching for the last few members we need to complete our raid group for Ulduar and beyond.

At the current time we are ideally looking for members who are geared to heroic/emblem of heroism/Naxx 10 standard, although we will consider good applications from folks who have gaps in their gear - we are still running frequent heroics, and we will be hitting Naxx for a few weeks yet.

Raiding Schedule

Our raiding schedule is (server times):

Monday: 21.30 - 0.30
Tuesday: 21.30 - 0.30
Thursday: 21.30 - 0.30

What Classes Are We Looking For?

Our main priority at the moment is an active and reliable tank of the protection paladin or feral druid variety. We also have space for a couple more ranged dps'ers (mage, warlock or elemental shaman).

For more information, visit our forums at: Home : Fiction - EU - English - Terokkar - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://fiction.guildlaunch.com) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Raene (GM) either via forum or in game. Thanks for reading.

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Warrior recruitment now closed, still looking for more dps, prefer casters.

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up you go

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Original post updated.

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