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06-21-2009, 03:32 AM
I have three quick questions (to ask, might take longer to answer :))

First one: Is my math correct regarding the way paladin mitigation effects combine ->

Improved Righteous Fury (6%) + Shield of the Templar (3 x 0.94 = 2.82) + Blessing of Sanctuary (3 x 91.18 = 2.734) + Divine Plea (3 x 0.884446 = 2.653338) = 14.21% mitigation of damage? (after armour, before block)

Second one: How can I calculate the amount of effective health Ardent Defender contributes, either assuming leapfrogging (pre-3.2) or if it cannot be leapfrogged? (post-3.2).

Third: Can anyone confirm for me that the 'Glyph of Divine Plea' (3% reduced damage while Divine Plea is active) is not factored into the calculator on Tank Spot?

06-21-2009, 08:04 AM
14.21% with BoSanc and 11.56% without BoSanc are correct. It doesn't matter if they come before or after armor though. Both of those are multiplicative, so order doesn't matter.

If AD is leapfrogged, you can't really calculate it into EH. Too many statiscal variables to deal with. EH is typically a non RNG based calc. If it isn't leapfrogged, then it depends on how it is implemented. If it only reduces the damage portions below 35% on the incoming hit that takes you to 35%, then it is a 15% multiplicative increase. If it reduces the entire incoming hit that takes you below, then again, it will be statistical and can't be included.

Another option is if the wording "instead" in the blue post means that only the hit that takes you into 35% health or not gets reduced by 30% (I.E. if the old functionality is gone and only the new remains), then it can't be calculated either as it would be statistical.

06-21-2009, 05:02 PM
I gotcha, thank you :)