View Full Version : Death knight talent problems.

06-20-2009, 11:43 PM
I have a 80 death knight who i'v speced frost & use to tank Naxx25, and currently OT in ulduar 10. I have 30700 unbuffed, and with slight agro issues, not an over all bad tank.

I was looking over some talents, and woundering which ones are most efficent for frost dk tanking.

I see my guilds top frost DK with Rune Tap. He says he has zero agro issues & great advoidance. Im not sure why he picked up rune tap, i can guess its a mini Ohshit button, when he gets to low, Or possibly a small threat gen for aoe pulls.

I'v seen alot of frost builds posted on this site, which dips into the unholy tree for a teir or 2, and allmost never has Ravenous dead been picked. Its 3% str increase for 3 points. I have around 1000 str, thats 30 bonus str which scales with kings if im incorrect.

Also I see alot of people picking up Bladed armor, for 5 points. Which for my armor does about (26284/180*5) 730 ap. I was thinking Necrosis which does 20% of my 1178-1443 would be a solid 200 shadow dammage. Unlike the 700 ap which can be reduced by armor.

Alot of people dont take icy talons. I know it doesn't stack with imp windfury, but my guild has ZERO enh shammys. I take it because i dont know what else to take.

For single target fights (boss's) I dont know which is better, Oblit, or howling blast. Oblit hits for about 4k, while HB only 3k. But is the threat more for HB then oblit? HB is frost damage.

More single target dps. Would using Howling blast during a KM proc be better then a frost strike. They are only about a 500-1k difference (Frost strike doing more damage) but again with the agro, does HB turn out more threat? Or should i should i not even use HB because oblit is better for single target threat.

For aoe threat. I start with a Deathchilled Holwingblast, throw down a d&d. From here, i dont know which is better, getting & keeping a blood plague up with Pestilence, which converts into a deathrune, or just keep spaming blood boil which doesn't convert into a deathrune.