View Full Version : [H-EU/Aszune] The Lost looking for skilled raiders

06-20-2009, 02:04 PM
Hey folks,

we are progressing through Ulduar 10 and 25, and for this we need a few more dedicated Raiders to fill raiding spots 3 times a week (Sun/Tue/Thu - 20:30-00:00).

Currently we are looking for:
1x Druid (Resto)
1x Priest (Disc)
1x Paladin (Holy)
2x Ranged DPS

So that said, if you:

Are older than 18 years,
Are open-minded,
Agree with our guild and loot rules,
Have a good grasp of English (communicative writing skills and oral skills if you intend to use mic),
Are open to constructive criticism,
Want to be part of a team, and willing to invest in the gear you have, to be the best you can be (enchants, gems etc.),
Have the neccesary add-ons for raiding,
Are already Naxxramas geared
Have Teamspeak access (having a microphone is optional but a useful bonus),
Have experience in WotLK endgame (or is willing to learn by checking tactics and movies prior to encounters),
Have a sense of humor,

donít hesitate to leave us an application (http://thelost.sharkyg.com/)or whisper Coughar/Daliah or one of the officers in game.

We will offer you a trial to see how do you fit in with the guild, and for you to see if we are what you expect. If all goes well we will offer you a permenant raid spot along side our group of core raiders. Additionaly every raider has access to guild bank at half AH price, forum, TS server, and is guaranteed a spot by a warm fire, in friendly company next to a barbecuing gnome http://thelost.sharkyg.com/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

The Lost - Aszune EU