View Full Version : [H]Rivendare<Murloc Noise> Needs Hard Mode Raiders

06-19-2009, 12:17 PM
Are you a good player stuck in a guild that is farming Naxx/OS every week? Not content to get a few bosses in Ulduar each week or pug down 3 bosses in 25 Ulduar? Are you sick of the hassle that getting 25 people organized and raiding brings? Want to be looting 226/232 ilvl gear without having to roll against 10 other players? Looking for a challenge in your raid experience? Then come check us out. <The Murloc Noise> is a progression based 10 man raiding guild. We are currently looking for 2-3 more members to fill out our active raider roster.

Currently looking for:

1 healer Holy Pally or dedicated Holy Priest needed. Druids and Shamans filled
1 DPS- Need a Melee most:Arms/Fury Warrior, Ret, or Enhance wanted but will consider any exceptional applicants.
DPS- Also wanted; Shadow Priest, Highly Skilled Mage, no other casters needed
1 OT/DPS-Pally/Warrior (have both sets and willing to do either role when called for)

Our current raid goal is to defeat Algalon and clearing 10 man hard modes. We plan to continue to be the #1 10 man guild as the new raids come out. We have cleared Ulduar on all normal modes (Killed Yogg 4 Keepers), in Hard Modes:

XT-002- Done
Iron Council(Steelbreak) - Done
Thorim - Done
Hodir - Missed by .5 secs last attempt
Freya - +1 done, Working on +2

Currently we are working on and Hodir, Freya, and Vezax. We are looking for a few more skilled and geared players to help us take down more.

Raid days and times are: Tues, Thurs, Sunday 5pm to 9pm ST(sometimes goes as late as 10ST depending how we are doing). We raid 3 days during Progression and drop down to 2 days during farm. We make use of our time as well doing fast efficient clears. We run with a small skilled and experienced roster (15 core raiders) so your are running with the same people almost every night and still have most of the week off. Please be geared. Ideal candidates should be geared in at LEAST full 200-213 ilvl gear, don't bother applying in fresh 80 blues and some pvp pieces. We are working on hard modes and need people that have a good gear level and not people that are looking to gear in normal Ulduar. We will turn you down if you are not well geared please log off in your PVE gear after you apply.

You can apply at www.themurlocnoise.wowstead.com (http://www.themu*@%@*oise.wowstead.com) or send a tell to Imbaddrood, Ramezes, Igneous, or Dysh.