View Full Version : Hyperspeed Accellerator and Nitro Boost for fury?

06-19-2009, 05:19 AM
I've been an engineer for a while and in wrath I don't get much use out of save for raid members who don't remember to repair before the raid or need to check their mail. I threw Nitro Boost on my boots a while back when I noticed it's higher crit rating than icewalker. I'm finding myself dangerously close to dipping below the 164 hit cap and I'm contemplating replacing my Nitro Boost. The main issue I find with doing that is that, while I'm very close to hitting below that cap, I'm not really missing much during raids. The other issue is that I like the Nitro Boost's utility. For instance, during Thaddius there might be a few that miss the jump. I might miss it occasionally because I jumped too early, or too late, or just plain lagged. However with the nitro Boosts it's a non issue. Pop those bad boys, run towards the lip, land a good two yards into the platform with easy. It also helps for getting around through the raids with some ease, or getting out of something nasty that might otherwise kill me. I can't help but wonder though if the crit is worth missing the hit, and the boost is just a crutch that keeps me up rather than standing on my own when something bad happens.

TL;DR: Boost gives me more crit, almost below hit cap, I like moving fast.

The other thing I've been wondering about, after the profession changes were announced, is if the 44 or so AP I get from my glove enchants is so necessary, or if the accelerators I can toss on my gloves would be a better choice.


06-19-2009, 05:38 AM
You seem to have made your choice regarding that nitro boost thing.
Can't really blame you, though, running fast while trailing fire is nice.
If you are worried about the hit cap, there are other options you can pick over changing the glove enchant, though. Perhaps change some of those gems around to get some socket bonuses, or gem for hit a wee bit.

You'll have to do the exact math yourself, but just gemming for str may not alway net you the most dps.
What you basically need to figure out is how much more you'll hit by using a hit gem, and once you have that percentage, check if a str gem gives you more or less then that percentage. Since str doesn't give a percentual bonus (as far as I know it's a flat dps increase), there is a point in gearing where you have so much strength that adding hit (or crit, for that matter) gives you more dps.
(Not sure if that point in gearing exists yet, but it's worth considering.)

The glove tinkers are quite good. It gives you a damage boost that gets better as your gear gets better, and you can use it when it's most crucial.