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06-18-2009, 06:08 AM
Perdition are a Horde Guild on The Maelstrom EU, which formed about half way thought The Burning Crusade. Since then, we progressed up to M'uru pre 3.0, taking us from a guild which was newly formed to being the 4th to down Twins. (We killed M'uru + Kil'jaeden post 3.0, but that doesn't really count :p) We have just downed Yoggy in 25man, and will be starting to work on the hard modes very soon, we have also completed many of the hard modes in 10man (FL + 4, XT, Steelbreaker, Hodir, Thorim) and are looking for a few players to help bolster our ranks and push hard modes with us.

What we look for in a player

We are looking for applicants with a passion for both their class and the game, who know how to squeeze a little extra out of their class. Its also important that an applicant fits in well with the guild also. We are a friendly bunch of people with a slightly dubious sense of humor, so people who are easily offended should probably not apply. :p All this having been said, the main aim of the game is to see all content, and to do so as quickly as possible, and it's important that an applicant be dedicated to that goal.

You are expected to:

Be able to attend 3 of raids per week (maintaining an average of 4/5 is a large plus)
Have a good level of PVE Experience either post BC raiding (Sunwell) or failing that deep into Ulduar. PreTBC experience is a big plus but not a neccessity.
Communicate effectively via Ventrilo
Prepare for raids with the necessary consumables, repair cash and an understanding of the encounter.
Have a stable Internet Connection and a computer that can provide decent FPS
Be able to take constructive criticism

What classes we are currently looking for


2 Priests
2 Shamans
2 Paladins
1 Druid


1 Locks
1 Shadow Priest
1 Hunter
1-2 Death Knights
1 Elemental Shaman
1-2 Rogues

What we can offer:

A fun enjoyable raiding environment. While we are progress focused guild, it's important to have fun whilst doing it.
An opportunity to see cutting edge of content.
A stable environment, we have been relatively drama free though TBC/WotLK and plan to keep it that way.

Applying and Further Information

Visit Perdition • Portal (http://www.perdition-guild.co.uk) for further information and to fill out an application, if you have any questions please contact one of our officers either online or via the forums.