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06-18-2009, 01:57 AM
Hello, i have some problems with multi-tanking,i can't keep aggro on more then 3 mobs so i was wondering if some1 can help me and give me some advise

seems armory is still down so i will give me stats like this:in frostpresence

Defense : 554
Parry : 18.13%
Dodge: 24.62%
Armor: 25529
Hit: 169

i'm naxx 25 ulduar 10 geared

my build is : 12/54/5

and my rotation is : DnD-IT-PS-Pest-Fs-BB-HB-OB

I dunno if its any good information but i do play with my mouse and not with keys, i'm used to play with my mouse since the beginning so maybe i need to change that?

So if any1 can give me some advise i will do what i can


06-18-2009, 02:12 AM
How is you expertise rating ? also losing argo on three adds as frost should be the case are you dps going full nuke from the off if so ask them to let you get a bit of argo first.

when i was frost if i was grabing a pack of three or more adds i would start like this DnD ,PS,IT Pest, HB , BB then BS,FS .
I try to keep as much diseases on them and also keep HB and BB as they come up keeping argo on all mobs at all times you shouldn't have a problem then, if you are lacking in expertise or hit you might be missing or getting dodged allot but with the gear you say you have and with out seeing the armoury id say you need to add as much AOE to you rotation as possible to keep the aoeing dps from pulling argo.

Also try mixing you gear for more threat stats depending on how you feel you are in a raid i always have different bits of tank gear to change as i i find per different fights .

06-18-2009, 02:48 AM
I am not the best source, my frost DK tank is only an alt with Ulduar10/Naxx25 gear but here goes:

IT-Pest-HB is how I say hello to a group of trash mobs. DnD depending on what I am pulling. Heavy use of OB. Blood tap (glyphed) is important. Make sure you are using Runic Strike. I made a couple of abilities macros to add /cast !runic strike to them and activate this on the next swing.

If you are comfy with avoidance/def, you can consider swapping from the tank to the dps rune on your weapon or change some tank bits for dps bits, for example trinkets.

06-18-2009, 04:25 AM
to answer on the expertise question i got 20 exp so 5.00% , and 146 hit, i don't know what is the hit cap for a tank but i guess not so much . I will try what u told me to do


06-18-2009, 09:57 AM
I'd really look into the Runic Strike macro. As I've mentioned, on many fights Runic Strike is 30% of a DK Frost Tank's threat. That is a huge amount of threat.

I also don't understand the long drawn out rotation most Frost tanks use. I understand it's mentioned on other sites but I think it's out of date. DnD->HB->BB->BB is my AoE rotation. If your not getting your threat established before the DPS then things will get messy quickly. I have Glyph of Howling Blast so my rotation immediately hits the mobs with my disease so Blood Boil will do damage. After the pull, I usually work in my Plague Strike, Oblits, Icy Touch and Blood Strikes as I feel the need.

I also click on my spells, so no, using the keyboard will not make your problems go away. But the Rune Strike macro from the macros forum might.

06-18-2009, 10:36 AM
For AoE, use keeprocks rotation, it requires the glyph of howling blast, but IMO it just can't be beat for AoE. DnD-HB-BB-BB-(blood tap BB)... focus on using HB as often as possible, and BB for your blood runes. Forget about PS and pestilence. Never refresh DnD, only use it as an opener. Macro RS to all your abilities. Keep an eye for KM and Rime procs, use HB with KM when AoEing, and FS with KM with single target.

For single target, I do IT-PS-BS-BS-OB.. OB-OB-OB.. Use FS when you have more than 50 RP, and watch your KM/Rime procs.

06-18-2009, 11:03 AM
The main question with regards to your aoe troubles is are you losing threat early after a pull or getting overtaken as the pull progresses. A number of the rotations above are situationally useful.

Also, a couple points regarding your spec:

1. You don't spec into Rime. This is a very nice boost to your aoe threat as a free and off-CD HB can really boost your aoe threat quite nicely.
2. You don't spec into Bladed Armor. Point for point this is one of the best threat talents for any tank build since your armor is so high.
3. You really don't need to spec into morbidity as a frost tank imo. Between HB and blood boil, you should be able to generate more than enough aoe threat without having to keep D&D down all of the fight. It's a good opener in some situations but a shortened CD is really not that beneficial. And as for DC, you should really be devoting most of your RP to FS or RS as a frost tank so that benefit would be marginal at best.