View Full Version : Thorim AOE tanking advice

06-18-2009, 01:47 AM
First time Tanking Thorim last night , haven't raided in a bit , now here is the thing i am blood spec DK and have no problems with threat what so ever never have but i found it lacked major AOE threat on the adds and my healers were getting hit ( i don't like that happening ) .

Would i be better for this fight going either Frost or unholy for more AOE threat for this fight alone or do i just need to learn the fight more and leave my blood spec as is .
My thoughts were that frost is a good build for AOE but unholy would be better but how does unholy hold up in Uldar these days ?

06-18-2009, 02:40 AM
While it may appear so, you don't really need that much AOE.
You can pretty much ignore the 'commoners' and 'evokers', those are for the DPS to handle. The 'champions' and 'warbringers' need tanking.

Each time a wave runs in, make sure you grab the warbringer or champion depending on your assignment. Planning it so that you can put Death and Decay down where the healers and DPS are helps for sure, but it is not that critical. Having the DPS - including Rogues - AoE nuke does the trick as long as you make sure that the heavy hitters warbringer/champion are not in the mix for that.

Make sure to disarm the champions if you can.