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06-18-2009, 12:52 AM
Hey everyone new user here.

First off, if this is in the wong section then mods/admins feel free to move it to it's appropriate section. Thank you.

Now here's the info on me that many of you could use to help answer my questions. I'm an Unholy DK Tank (armoury will be posted soon I'm on my Itouch at the moment so no paste button >.<) anyway I just hit 80 and I'm def capped...more than def capped (551)

My rotation is DnD (for three or more pulls) - IT - PS - Pest - Blood Boil - Scourge Strike. After that intial rotation I tend to just spam Pestillence and Blood Boil, Unholy Blight is usually popped all these pulls. The reason why will be in the questions that follow.

It's not that I'm a bad tank, I've gotten great compliments from my guild leaders. We were in Arc the day I hit 80 as a DPS. The main tank died so I quickly grabbed the aggro and held it through the rest of the fight. So I'm excited to hit the raids but just wanted to get some questions answered that has been bugging me.

1. *Answered*

2. I'm having trouble with push-back mobs...they interupt my rotation and it really strains me to try and get the threat spread out before the DPS takes away me aggro. A HoL group broke up cause I couldn't hold the damn push back mobs well.

3. This question may probably only be answered upon my armoury post but is it safe to say I'm ready for heroics when I'm at 551 def, 24k health unbuffed, 19% dodge, 17% parry?

Love the site and the videos have been extremley helpful in learning. All the users are very informative and can't wait till I get some answers. Looking forward to becoming a better and even more of a valuable tank.

If there's anything you wish for me to clarify on please ask :)

Thanks in advance,