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06-17-2009, 01:20 PM
Grandeur is a PST raiding guild on the Kilrogg server

13/14 Heroic Ulduar
5/5 ToC 4/5 HToGC

Looking for DPS of all kinds

Please visit Grandeur Guild (http://www.grandeur-guild.com) for more information about us.

We are actively raiding WotLK Heroic raids

Current Class Demand

Death knights: Very High(DPS only)
Druid: Very high(Balance)
Hunter: Very High
Mage: Medium
Paladin: Low
Priest: Very High(Shadow)
Rogue: Low
Shaman: High(Enhancement)
Warlock: medium
Warrior: Very High DPS

While a class may be listed as low demand, we're always looking to add exceptional players regardless of their class, so feel free to apply anyway if you think you'd be a good fit for us. This is particularly true if you are t7 geared or better. Those who we do not have to gear up are of particular interest to us.

Our recruiting officer is MOONSILVER


You must be able to follow orders and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly.
Must be able to take constructive criticism.
A good sense of humor!
No drama. If you're a drama queen, don't bother applying.
We want active players that enjoy raiding and the challenges associated with it.
Must be self sufficient with regards to consumables and always come prepared.
80%+ Raid Attendance
A Solid Internet Connection. If you regularly go linkdead, you are of no use to us.
Teamspeak -- You must have a mic and be able to speak
You WILL sit on the bench for some fights. Everyone in the guild sits for some fights. Many current raids are designed around raid-stacking specific classes or class types.
All the right reputations done. That means if you aren't an inscriptionist and your hodir isn't honored and moving towards exalted don't bother applying.
No tradeskills is also an indicator that you would not be a good fit for us.

Typical Raiding times/days (in PST)

Sunday - Thurs 7PM- 10:00PM

For new recruits, there is an average 2-4 week trial phase, in which we check out our new recruits abilities and in-game priorities. During these two weeks, you will remain at the rank of Recruit. If you miss or are late to a raid that you've signed up for, or leave a raid early, you will be removed from the guild without question.

If you want to apply, fill out an application and email it to applications@grandeur-guild.com. People who take the time to post an intelligent and well thought out application are those who we will take seriously. Please do not post a half assed application and expect us to read it, let alone accept it.

Your application should contain the following information:

Characters name and Class, including current server information
A link to your Amory Profile
The days of the week and times you can raid
Prior raiding experience
Previous guild history, including the reason you left your last guild
Confirmation on whether we are free to contact your current or previous guilds

The recruiting officer will look over your application, and contact the people we're interested in. If you're accepted as an applicant, the process can take several weeks to become a full member.

If you have any further questions about recruiting, contact Moonsilver in game or through a private message on the forum.

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