View Full Version : [H] - Arygos EST: Cobra Kai 10 Man Recruiting

06-17-2009, 09:51 AM
Have you been playing WoW way longer than you'd like to admit? Do you remember garbage pail kids and will always have a place in your heart for Molly Ringwald? Yeah, us too.

Cobra Kai is a new guild full of old wow players (and a penchant for the Karate Kid.) We have all been involved with 25man raids and our core group has raided together since Karazhan. We have found that we enjoy the dynamic of a 10-man raid more than the 25-man and are now heading towards that end. We enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere (and yes, the beer) but still focus on the raid while we raid (What does that mean? We aim for a professional raid environment and strive to get the job done while still taking the time to have fun.)

We raid two nights a week, Thursday and Sunday from 8:00-11:00pm server. Ulduar is the usual party spot but we've been known to hit older content too as needed/wanted by the group.

We have a pretty solid core, but looking to round out our numbers. We are not looking to move into 25 mans and are not a stepping stone or training guild if that's what your eventual goals are.

Current needs:

1 healer we would prefer a druid but the player matters more than the class.

3-4 dps we have several active mages but otherwise are not too worried about the dps class. Again, the player matters more than the class.

If you're interested, check out our web site at Cobra Kai - WowStead (http://cobrakaiarygos.wowstead.com).
Also feel free to contact any of our members in-game with any additional questions.