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06-17-2009, 05:31 AM
So I came up with an idea to fix block for warriors, I don't no the specifics of balances but it's a pretty neat idea. Now Shield Block increases your chance to block and block value by 100% for 10 sec with a 60 sec cold down (excluding talent) , so the change around this is just re-working the percentages. Instead of 100%, you reduce it by 90% and now you have, Shield Block increases your chance to block and block value by 10% for 10 sec with 10 sec cold down. Now Shield Mastery With 2 points in increases your block value by 30% and reduces the cold down of your Shield Block by 20 sec, since Shield Block can't have a -10 sec cold down, you could boost the shield block value up by what ever value seems balanced for the threat/mitigation boost or you could add something completely new like increase chance to block, percent damage increase on Shield Slam, length of silence on Shield Bash, Shield Wall, Spell Reflect anything really since your mastering the use of a shield Tongue.

Now I think this a cool idea, and as a long time Tank I see the switch helping in a lot of ways, and I'm definitely not happy the way it is.

If you like the idea then spread it around so one of the big boys see, if not then come up with other ideas. anything is better then what we have now I believe.

06-17-2009, 06:07 AM
What your suggesting is essentially what it was in BC. Blizzard has already said that they don't want it like that because you're just leaving a brick on it. Much like heroic strike is now. I'm not sure what the optimal solution is atm but blizz is definatly steering away from an always on ability as you describe.