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06-17-2009, 05:18 AM
<Risen> Hardcore Raiding.
Thunderhorn Server
Current - At Yogg 25 man
Invites out at 6:45
7:00 - 10:30pm CST.

Recruitment Officers:

Currently Recruiting:
All classes (Especially Tanks and Ranged DPS)

About Risen :

Risen was created in early December, 2006 as a fun, casual, raiding guild. Over the past 2 years our focus has shifted from casual raiding to hardcore. Risen cleared all Burning Crusade content before Wrath's release, and has established itself in WoTLK with a server first kill of Kel'thuzad, server second Malygos and a server third Sartharion (plus three drakes). On our off days, and after raids, we still enjoy other aspects of the game. In our non raid hours we get together for 10 man Ulduar, achievements, and PvP. We like to stay active. We are by no means a large raiding guild. We like to keep our numbers between 30-35 active. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please read on!

**What we expect from our raiders**

Please understand that we're looking for exceptional players. Do not apply if you do not have raiding experience. We are not here to teach you to play your class.

- Risen is a raiding guild focused on tackling the most challenging encounters that WoW has to offer. Risen has a focused raiding style. Every raider is expected to do the extra2 0to get his job done and show exceptional talent in his/her spec to be considered for this guild.

- We are a mature guild. All applicants must be 18+ to apply.

- We want someone who has no intentions of quitting. We want someone who wants to be part of something more then just a guild. We want a LONG TERM raider.

- Almost PERFECT attendance (80%). We want people who are here to RAID, not here for loot. When you do receive loot. We expect the best gems and enchants on your items as soon as the raid ends. No exceptions. We want raiders who raid for content and who are excited for a challenge, who have experienced Sunwell pre-nerf and who know what its like to wipe for weeks/months to get something done. We are not looking for people who just wanna show up for farm content then take the rest of the week off. We are here for the future, not the past. We understand real life does happen and there may be circumstances that pull you away.

- Skill, be able to pay attention to your environment, avoid fire, know how to adapt. Also know how to use your cooldowns effectively. If you cannot react quickly or your computer lags, you cannot do our content, you will wipe us and you will be removed.

- Patience , A guild is a team and some encounters will require strict min/maxing, certain class/raid comps. More so raiders will need to sit from time to time to make things work, we will run as small of a ship as possible but no guild can safely survive on only 25 raiders.

- The ability to get the job done, not only do we require an extreme amount of dps It is understood that you are able to live for an entire encounter and not die to stupid stuff !! Try to live til the end or Do not apply.

- Attitude, have a positive mindset, look to better yourself, do not blame other people, be able to take criticism, even if you know your class exceptionally well. We will help you and give you advice but we're not here to hold your hand.

-Come prepared, be the type of person who uses food buffs, Health, Mana, Speed, Flasks, Elixirs every time. Make sure you know your job on a fight well in advance. RESEARCHING FIGHTS IS OF THE HIGHEST IMPORTANCE. If you come into a fight and don't know your role, you will be removed.

- Repairs, Always bring at least 300g with you to any raid.

- DPS should be able to put out 3000-3500+ DPS (minimum). We have a lot of great players. Our top DPS hover between 4.5k and 6k.

- Risen runs a DKP20open bidding system. Certain items have class restrictions. This system can be explained in more detail after your application is accepted.

- Risen has a 2 week recruitment probation period. Use this time to show us what you are capable of. After the 2 week evaluation period, you will be told whether or not you've made the roster or you may be extended another 2 weeks for more evaluation.

If you like what you see and wish to be part of the Risen team please message a recruitment officer or

Apply at

06-17-2009, 06:46 AM
/bump for Thunderhorn!

We really have good representation from our server here. Its because the raiders of thunderhorn are just naturally smarter and more attractive than the nouveau servers.

06-17-2009, 08:17 PM