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06-17-2009, 01:27 AM

Twilight Hammer, a french guild on server Cho'Gall is recruiting a very good protection warrior with good presence. I know I have a very small chance to find one using tankspot but who knows...a tank reading tankspot is propably a good one, and we do need a good protection warrior.

We are third on the server and our progression is as follow :

R25 - 13/14 - Leviathan 2T and Hodir HM.
R10 - 13/14 - All HM except Mimiron (working on it). We're focusing Mimiron HM to get the Algalon key so we did not try Yogg Saron with less than 4 guardians yet.

About us

We started the guild early this year as a group of friends coming from three different guilds. We quickly burned the available content only to realize we were amoung the top guilds on the server. We're proud of it but it's not our goal to be amoung the server best, however, getting constantly better at what we do is.

We DO NOT recruit for the bench.

We raid 6 times a week (no raids on saturdays) from 8pm30 to midnight (Paris time), raids are not mandatory but new recruits are expected to be there at least 5 times a week. Scheduling as follow

- 2 to 4 25 man raids, depending of the goal of the week.
- 2 to 4 2 x 10 man raids. One optimised for mimiron HM, and the other being able to run through Ulduar with some HM in it.

We try to get people used to hardmodes in 10 man before running them in 25 man.

Our expectations

We seek really dedicated players, avaiblable at least 5 days a week. You need to perfectly know your class, that means all three talent trees available. You need not to be told what to gem, what to enchant, and what skill to use and when.

Running microphone and speaking french is mandatory too.

Feel free to contact me ;)