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06-16-2009, 11:34 PM
Fast Facts:

The Seventh Circle
Horde, Malfurion PvE - US
Website, Info, and Applications: The Seventh Circle - Home (http://www.seventhcircle-guild.com)

Minimum age: Birthday on or before December 31, 1991
WotLK Raid Hours: 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM CST (tentative)
WotLK Raid Week: 4 days, (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Required attendance: 4 raids weekly

Guild Profile: Mix of adult professionals and college students
Environment: Mature, not family-friendly, but not generally vulgar
PvP: Not a main guild focus, but heavy participation by many members


The guild was created in August of 2006 as a reorganization of the casual raiding guild 'Maelstrom'. We are one of the oldest guilds in continual operation on this server. BC content completed encompassed all instances and bosses up to and including Felmyst pre nerf and Kil'Jaeden post nerft in Sunwell Plateau.

TSC has currently cleared all content available in WotLK and is currently working to finish all available heroic achievements. Our WotLK progression and achievements can be tracked via wowprogress.com.

WoW Guild The Seventh Circle :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/malfurion/The+Seventh+Circle/rating.ach)

We expect applicants to take the time to make certain our guild is the right one for them, and our application process is more detailed than many other guilds. Applicants should treat the process with the same amount of respect they would a job interview.

Applicants should be self motivated and want to be the best. Researching encounters, gear choices, spec's, etc. are all something that you should do freely and not something we have to tell you to do. If you can't be bothered with farming consumables, keeping your gear enchanted and gemmed, and being on time then we are not the guild for you.

Technical requirements include a real headset (not a separate microphone and speaker), a stable broadband connection, and a PC which can handle the higher graphical demands of raiding without crashing or dropping to unacceptable framerates.

Please see our website for further guild information. If you have additional questions not answered there, you are welcome to contact a guild officer online (please allow for accidentally missed tells due to AFK, instances, etc.)

If we're the right guild for you, we look forward to hearing from you!


Class Needs

- Druids - Feral Tanking, Boomkin
- Hunters - Open
- Mages - Must be highly skilled in all specs
- Paladins - Holy
- Priest - Shadow, Holy
- Shaman - Enhancement, Elemental, and Restoration
- Warlocks - Must be highly skilled in all specs

* All exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of class. So if you're an above average player please feel free to apply.