View Full Version : Need gear / spec advice (Warrior Tank)

06-16-2009, 11:21 PM
I have noticed that I seem to be more difficult to heal than other tanks, but cannot figure out "WHY".

Protank - Dragonblight (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dragonblight&n=Protank)

Even in this, my full survivl spec the hits just seem too large on me, which makes me a burden main tanking alot of bosses. Is this just something I am going to have to accept due to playing the class I do? Given the choice, the guild goes for a druid tank everytime as he is alot easier to heal.
We are currently working on General in 10man, and Thorim in 25man.

One thing I am planning (When servers are back up tonight) is to remove any Def gems from the gear and replace them with yet more stamina for effective health. I know that the northern barrier is an amazing threat shield but should I go back to using my old Hero's Surrender for any boss tanking?

Can anybody else give me any constructive critisism to take onboard?

I AM a skilled tank, I get told this everytime I tank so I know that the problem does not lie with skill.

06-17-2009, 12:54 AM
I advise you to get a bit more stam, around 32k unbuffed should be fine, there is nothing wrong with your gear, your the same as our warrior tank wich is tanking with np. Its either you going charging out of range or the healers just hate you. I think at the moment your healers are having problems adapting to Uldu and thats why they prefer a druid tank (Prob has more HP wich gives them a bit more time to react).

06-17-2009, 01:06 AM
There's a few things you could do to optimise your gear a little more.

Replacing the parry/stam gem in your helm with dodge/stam - dodge rating gives you more point for point than parry rating. Also try using the 32stam/2% increased armor meta gem over the defense/block value one.

Put a 24 stam gem in your shoulders, as apposed to a str/stam gem.

18 stam patch on gloves, if you miss the expertise you can always pick up the Valor Badge ring to make up for it.

Replace the 16 defense gem in your legs with an 8def/12stam gem to give you a little bit more stam, still keeping the socket bonus.

I would also recommend using the Essence of Gossamar from Heroic Azjol'Nerub over the dodge trinket. Once you get the defense from other items, replace your defense trinket with another trinket too.

Other than the few minor changes to increase your health so you're not so low, there's no reason you can't tank as well as any other class. Hero's Surrender won't make a huge difference over Northern Barrier, if you can get the 10 man hard mode hodir shield, that is very sexy in terms of effective health. Anything more will just come with upgrades.

Also, if your healers are comparing you to the druid, then of course you will appear to get hit harder because of a druids armor. They just need to adapt a bit more to a warrior tanking.